Bryant E News – Memorial Day Edition and Session Wrap Up

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This week’s Bryant E News pays tribute to America’s fallen heroes. This Memorial Day 2020 is like no other we have ever known in our lifetimes. Thank you to all who have died defending freedom, and making America a beacon of light in a world that can be very dark sometimes.

President Trump and Vice President Pence attend a wreath-laying Memorial Day ceremony at the changing of the guard at Arlington National Ceremony

This is normally a weekend where Americans gather together for ceremonies to honor soldiers that paid the ultimate price, dying in the name of preserving freedom for Americans.

Legislative Session Resumes for Four Day Sprint – Democrats pass unbalanced budget, rely on $6 billion in borrowing, increase legislator pay.

In many ways, the COVID-19 crisis has stolen some of our most cherished freedoms away.

Some blame politicians, some blame the virus, some understand there is a combination of both that has caused us to lose out on some of our basic rights.

For weeks during the COVID-19 crisis, I demanded that Speaker Madigan or Governor Pritzker call the legislature back into Session. I joined Zoom press conferences, wrote letters to the Governor, issued Facebook posts, and hosted virtual town hall meetings to get a simple message out: The decision to reopen our economy should include a safe, reasonable, regional plan that results from input provided to the Governor by the General Assembly and live.

The call finally came late last week that lawmakers would return to Springfield for a three day Session at the Bank of Springfield Center from May 20-22.

Legislators and staff were asked to comply with getting tested for COVID-19 prior to coming to Session, and that they would be asked to wear a face-covering during House Session proceedings. I complied with both. I want to help keep other people safe, especially my fellow House members, our hardworking staff, and ultimately my own family and constituents as I knew I would return to the 115th District after Session ended.

The three day legislative Session actually turned into four days because of a delay by Democrats in getting their budget in position to pass.

When the Session began back in January 2020, I had several goals. Unfortunately, the issues of ethics reforms, Fair Maps (ending gerrymandered districts), and property tax relief bills were not brought up for votes during our time in Springfield.

When we return to Springfield again, we must keep pushing on these issues!

Rep. Bryant Votes No on Partisan, Unbalanced Budget that Contains Pay Increases for Legislators

SPRINGFIELD…. State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) voted no on legislation that creates the FY 2021 budget set to take effect July 1.

Rep. Bryant says the record spending budget, more than $42 billion, gives too much authority to Governor Pritzker and relies on borrowing money from the Federal government that may never come.

“The FY 21 budget was put together solely by Governor Pritzker and the Democrats,” Bryant said. “Just like the COVID-19 crisis has shown, House Democrats are willing to hand over as much power to JB Pritzker as he wants to take. I want to help the citizens of Illinois that are suffering, but this budget borrows too much money and spends too much money.”

House Republicans demanded answers as to why $7 billion in spending authority was granted to Governor JB Pritzker, who has a recent record of questionable decision making in response to the COVID crisis.

“I feel strongly that Governor Pritzker has failed to bring the people of this state together behind his plan to reopen the economy. He has failed to reach across the aisle and work with the legislature in a collaborative and meaningful way,” Bryant said. “This governor shut our economy down and kept people in their homes for seven weeks! We demanded to participate and the Governor failed to consult with local units of government and the legislature in crafting his reopening plan. We’ve seen the same mode of operation when it came to passing this out of balance, record spending, and irresponsible borrowing budget.”

Governor Pritzker Loosens Restrictions on Restaurants in Phase 3 of Restore Illinois Plan – IL Dept. of Public Health Issues Guidance for Businesses Reopening in Phase 3

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) has developed a free tool kit to help employers implement the Governor’s Restore Illinois Phase 3, Guidelines for Safely Reopening Businesses.

The business toolkit includes signage, training checklists, and other resources to ensure activities are conducted in accordance with the latest public health recommendations.

Ten main industry categories are included in Phase 3, each with their own set of guidelines and toolkits. Details can be found on the DCEO website.

For direct support, contact DCEO Business Hotline Monday through Friday at 1-800-252-2923, or email at:

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