Bryant: Combined House GOP Effort led Pritzker to loosen Childcare Rules

SPRINGFIELD – After weeks of hearing concerns from childcare centers, daycare operators, and working parents on the issue of access to childcare, State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysbor) joined forces with State Rep. Margo McDermid (R-and more than 2 dozen other House Republican members in signing a letter sent to Governor Pritzker on May 15 asking him to reconsider opening childcare centers as part of a phase 3 reopening.

As the Governor gradually loosens restrictions and more Illinoisans return to work, Rep. Bryant says the decision from the Pritzker administration is a victory for Illinois families and childcare providers.

Bryant says childcare centers had previously been excluded from reopening in the Governor’s Phase 3 of his Restore Illinois plan. Bryant says keeping that decision in place would have led to large shortages in daycare access and availability as parents gradually return to work.

“I am pleased the Governor listened to Rep. McDermed, myself and the more than 2 dozen House Republicans that signed on to a letter demanding this change for access to childcare for working families,” Bryant said. “We still have more work to do to ensure the wellbeing of children and to provide hard working parents with safe places to take their kids while they get back to works.”

According to the Illinois Directors and Owners of Childcare Centers, the administration’s current restrictions are putting childcare centers out of business at the same time they’re placing a heavy burden on families—including essential emergency workers.

Previously, Governor Pritzker was insistent that the state’s few open childcare facilities for emergency workers would suffice. With Friday’s announcement, more childcare centers will be allowed to reopen on June 1.