Bryant Calls Pritzker’s Policy to Stop Cooperation between Department of Corrections and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Reckless, Dangerous

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) joined members of the law enforcement community and Republican House and Senate members for a Capitol press conference on Tuesday to denounce a new policy being implemented by Governor Pritzker’s administration that ends cooperation and communication between the Illinois Department of Corrections and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when inmates are released from prison.

In 2019, the Kankakee Sheriff’s Department picked up 223 inmates that had served their prison sentences and were due to be deported back to their home country. Under the Pritzker immigration policy, the Department of Corrections no longer notifies Federal agencies involved with deporting released convicts. Bryant says the policy shift will likely bring disastrous results.

“The most disturbing part of this new reckless policy is that we cannot tell what is going to happen when someone that is supposed to be deported is released from prison in to the community where they were incarcerated,” Bryant said. “That means, a rapist, murderer, or child molester that was supposed to be deported upon their release from prison are able to walk free in our communities. Governor Pritzker has decided that he knows best and will determine whether Federal immigration law applies in the State of Illinois. It shouldn’t take an inmate being released and re-offending before the Governor changes this policy. I call on the Pritzker administration to immediately rescind this reckless and dangerous abdication of his duty as the state’s Chief Executive.”