Bryant Votes in Favor of Ethics Reforms, Echoes Calls for Swifter Action

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) expressed frustration following the passage what she calls watered-own ethics legislation during House debate on the final day of the 2019 Veto Session. For weeks, Rep. Bryant and her House Republican colleagues have introduced and demanded action on legislation to address Illinois’ lax state ethics laws.

“On Thursday, House Democrats finally allowed a vote on two ethics measures they called an important first-step,” Bryant said. “I voted in favor of the bills because this was the only bite we were going to get at the ethics reform apple. The ‘blue-ribbon’ commission created by Democrats does not go nearly far enough, and lawmakers must return to our home districts for two months and try to explain to our constituents why no substantive action was taken to address ethics.”

Bryant says task forces can serve good purposes, but points out that the General Assembly has a history of using task forces as a mechanism to delay and defer, and otherwise distract the public from the reforms that are desperately needed.

“We introduced more than 30 bills that contain short and long-term solutions that we believe are necessary,” Bryant said. “I’m a chief co-sponsor on a number of bills that deal with revolving door issues, legislators serving as both lobbyists and legislators, and take aim at politicians engaged in self-dealing and corruption.”

Bryant ended the Veto Session by asking a few questions of her Democrat colleagues.

“How many more of your colleagues’ offices have to be raided? How many of your colleagues’ homes have to be raided? How many of your friends here in Springfield have to go to jail before you’ll wake up and demand that your leadership get serious and help us end business as usual in this state?”