Rep. Bryant Joins Call for Creation of State Ethics Task Force

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) joined fellow Republican state lawmakers for a Capitol press conference on Monday to urge passage of House Joint Resolution 87, a measure that would create a State Ethics Task Force.

“An ongoing and expansive federal corruption probe has resulted in allies of long-time House Speaker Michael Madigan and several Illinois Democrat politicians having their capitol offices, district offices, homes, and related businesses raided by the IRS and/or the FBI,” Bryant said. “This morning, while I was at a press conference calling for the creation of a State Ethics Task Force, news broke that Democrat State Rep. Luis Arroyo was arrested for attempted bribery of a State Senator. I support House Republican leadership’s efforts to initiate proceedings under House Rule 91 to begin an immediate investigation into Rep. Arroyo’s alleged illegal activity.”

On Monday night, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and fellow Republicans filed required paperwork to initiate proceedings to invoke Rule 91 to initiate an investigation into whether Rep. Arroyo should be removed from the House of Representatives for engaging in illegal activity.

“Ethics reform is badly needed in this state,” Bryant said. “If HJR 87 passes, it will create a State Ethics Task Force that will work to assess current laws, study best practices, and propose legislation to ensure Illinois has among the most stringent ethics laws in the nation.”