Pritzker Signs Abortion Expansion as Rep. Bryant Pledges Support For Pregnancy Matters in Southern Illinois

Springfield….Smiles and laughter were in abundance at the
Grand Army of the Republic Hall at the Chicago Cultural Center on Wednesday, as Democrat Governor JB Pritzker put his signature on legislation to drastically change Illinois’ abortion laws. SB 25, or as the Sponsors call it, the “Reproductive Health Act”, repeals Illinois’ current abortion statute and replaces it with the most expansive abortion access language in the United States.

“The death of an unborn child is nothing to celebrate,” Bryant said. “The smiles and laughter shared by Democrat politicians at the signing ceremony at the Capitol on Wednesday are outmatched by the tears being shed by millions of Illinoisans like me that find this action disgusting. What this new law says is, when a baby is wanted….there is value, and when a baby is not wanted, there is no value to their life,” Bryant said.

Rep. Bryant asked to be substituted in as a member of the Illinois House Human Services Appropriations Committee so that she could question the sponsors of the legislation. Democrats made a controversial move to post notice of the Committee hearing on SB 25 just one hour prior to convening on Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend.

In addition to a flawed, rushed process, Bryant says another reason for her opposition to the new law is its narrowed definition of fetal viability and affording unborn children no independent rights.  

“This is a human life that is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, period” Bryant said during the Committee hearing. “I condemn the passage of this legislation in the strongest terms and I pray that the State of Illinois one day will be governed by responsible people that will repeal this disgusting abomination.”

For her part, Representative Bryant and her husband Rick have taken action to support Pregnancy Matters, a Southern Illinois’ haven for women in crisis pregnancy situations. Bryant has pledged to donate her pending legislative pay raise (automatic cost of living adjustment) each month to Pregnancy Matters to help women in crisis situations understand that having an abortion is not the only option.

“I have worked to support pregnant women in crisis situations for all of my adult life,” Bryant said. “This week my husband and I were proud to write a personal check to Pregnancy Matters of Carbondale. I have also pledged to donate any increase that I receive in pay as a legislator every month to Pregnancy Matters. The work that they do in support of women and babies is truly God’s work, and as Illinois lurches left and becomes an abortion destination, I will continue to support women and unborn babies in every way that I can.”