Bryant Cheers Capital Construction Spending for DuQuoin State Fairgrounds

MURPHYSBORO – State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) issued the following statement regarding Wednesday’s Department of Agriculture press conference announcing $130,000 in grant funding for infrastructure repairs at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.

“For years, the people that I represent in Southern Illinois have been left behind when it comes to the State of Illinois investing resources in construction projects. The DuQuoin State Fairgrounds has multiple building and infrastructure needs. Today’s press conference by Department of Agriculture Director John Sullivan reflects a positive and much-needed change in direction for Southern Illinois.

My support for the ‘vertical’ capital bill in Springfield will mean $130,000 in funding for critical infrastructure projects at the fairgrounds in DuQuoin. The DuQuoin State Fair is a point of pride and an economic plus during the two-week fun of the fair. However, the State Fairgrounds hosts a large number of events other than the fair throughout the rest of the year that bring tourists and the dollars they spend when they get there.

Investing in the future of the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds will ensure that the State Fair in late August and early September, and non-fair related events throughout the rest of the year will continue undeterred by falling-in roofs, leaky pipes, and other maintenance needs. Providing a world-class facility in the heart of Southern Illinois will mean weddings, conventions, and events like the Special Olympics softball tournament and the Street Machine Nationals will continue to happen and bring people and money to the region.”