Rep. Bryant Casts Vote for Balanced FY 2020 Budget

SPRINGFIELD – Late Friday night, the Illinois House of Representatives passed a $40 billion budget package for the FY 2020 fiscal year. State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) cast a Yes vote on the balanced budget package, citing concessions from the majority Democrat party on spending and badly needed business reforms.

“We were originally given a kind of take-it-or-leave-it 1500 page budget bill on Friday morning,” Bryant said. “House Republican leadership and our fantastic budget staff got right to work and succeeded in a tough afternoon of negotiations. Republicans demanded fair negotiations and badly needed reforms to our business environment, and we were successful in achieving those goals.”

After a week that saw House Democrats pass legislation to legalize late-term taxpayer funding for abortions, radical gun control legislation, a plan to allow criminals to vote from the Cook County jail, and a flawed piece of legislation that legalizes recreational cannabis, Bryant says she is proud to have stopped a runaway liberal progressive train.

“A long, tough afternoon of budget negotiations has resulted in significant concessions for Southern Illinois and for true reforms for businesses to locate here,” Bryant said. “Thanks to Republican leadership and our great staff, Illinois’ budget will now be bipartisan, agreed to, balanced, and a product that Illinois taxpayers and every one that depends on a functional State of Illinois can count on. This budget will pay down $1.2 billion in backlog of bills and save us millions. The pension payment, at one time was going to be skipped. This budget makes our fully required pension payment. This budget is balanced. This budget will have the State live within its means and we did it by cooperating in a bipartisan manner to get the best outcome for every Illinoisan.”