Rep. Bryant Fights Unconstitutional Gun Control Bill, Votes No

Springfield….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) expressed her dismay and disgust upon the Illinois House passage of SB 1966.

“I have unfortunately seen a lot of gun control bills during my time serving on this particular Committee,” Bryant said. “Today’s House action on SB 1966 is the most aggressive frontal assault on constitutional rights that I have seen to date.”

Bryant spoke up forcefully against the bill’s unfunded mandates on over-burdened State Police officials, massive increases in fees for FOID applications and Concealed Carry License costs, and costly mandates on law-abiding gun owners.  

“This bill isn’t about stopping crime,” Bryant said. “SB 1966 will strangle the rights of anyone that might want to purchase or transfer a gun for the infinite future,” Bryant said. “Supporters of this legislation aim to make gun ownership too expensive and too big of a pain. Where else in America do we see legislators introducing bills that make followers of the Bill of Rights jump through hoops to enjoy their God-given freedoms?”

Bryant says part of her opposition to SB 25 is that poor and middle class US citizens may not be able to afford to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms.

“ I have some folks that I represent in my rural district that really have to have a firearm to protect themselves,” Bryant said. “And, we’re going to require them to come up with money that they don’t necessarily have just to afford to protect themselves? No!”

Ultimately, SB 1966 passed the House via a 62-52 vote. Bryant says upon the Governor’s signature, the law will likely be challenged in court.

“Opponents of this legislation have indicated that they will file an immediate permanent injunction in court prior to the ink being dry on the Governor’s signature,” Bryant said. “The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights are not menus from which to pick and choose. Illinois citizens are United States citizens. United States citizens are guaranteed certain rights. This legislation goes too far and I believe it will be found unconstitutional.”