Rep. Terri Bryant Reappointed to Illinois Clean Coal Review Board

Murphysboro….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) announced this week her reappointment by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin to the Illinois Clean Coal Review Board.

In January 2000, Southern Illinois University established the Clean Coal Review Board after receiving a $25 million grant from Chicago-based Commonwealth Edison following the energy giant’s sale of all of its fossil fuel operated power plants. Bryant says she is proud to serve on the board, and hopes she can be a part of a coal-based economic revolution in Southern Illinois.

“The potential for Illinois to be a net energy exporter is literally right under our feet,” Bryant said. “Clean coal energy research is essential to returning Illinois to a position of economic power and to become a leading state in clean coal technology. My energy philosophy is an ‘all of the above approach’, and I believe Illinois coal must be part of our energy blueprint for the future.”

According to the Clean Coal Review Board’s website, the CCRB’s mission is to “contribute to the new growth of the Illinois coal industry through the application of advanced technologies and practices in new or existing facilities in the State of Illinois.”