Bryant Passes Bill to Better Utilize Impact Incarceration

Springfield…. State Rep. Terri Bryant earned unanimous support on Wednesday for legislation that she says will reduce recidivism and better utilize existing impact incarceration facilities controlled by the Illinois Department of Corrections.

“One goal of the bill is to help the State of Illinois fill existing boot camps in a better way,” Bryant said. “Another goal is to eventually have an impact on recidivism by highlighting for members of the judiciary the availability of the option of sentencing non-violent offenders to an impact-style program.”

Bryant says the legislation’s goals are multi-fold, and include saving taxpayer dollars, reducing recidivism, and rehabilitating offenders.

“It is called the Department of Corrections, and as such, I believe one of the jobs that our criminal justice system has is hopefully to ‘correct’ a person’s behavior and keep them from coming back to prison,” Bryant said. “This legislation will save taxpayers money, and ultimately the goal is to use an alternative type of punishment that allows offenders to participate in a program that will help them get their lives turned around and return themselves to being productive members of society.”

Having passed the House with zero No votes, HB 3168 moves to the Senate for consideration.