Bryant E News March 30 2019

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Before heading to Springfield for Session, on Monday night I joined State Senator Paul Schimpf and State Rep. Dave Severin for a town hall meeting at the Mount Vernon Township High School Schweinfurth Theatre. I want to thank the 80 Jefferson County residents that showed up to listen and to have their voices heard. Great discussion at a beautiful venue. Thanks to Mount Vernon high school for the hospitality and for letting us have access to a world-class facility. This week’s edition of Bryant E News offers a quick recap of the town hall meeting as well as a breakdown of all the action from the Capitol on what is known as “Committee Deadline Week” in Springfield.

Town Hall Meeting – Mount Vernon
I enjoyed a great discussion with local residents of Jefferson County and State Senator Paul Schimpf and State Rep. Dave Severin on Monday night. We covered topics ranging from ongoing gun control attempts to taxpayer funding of abortion.

Committee Deadline Week Wraps Up
In Springfield, this week is known as Committee Deadline Week. For most members of the House, that means that any substantive bills were supposed to pass their assigned Committee by the end of legislative business on Friday.

This deadline is self-imposed and can be changed at the will of the Democrat majority at any time. The issues that I described last week that are still hanging out there to be resolved (new sales taxes, progressive income tax vote, online sports betting, legalized recreational marijuana) will likely be worked out by working groups of Democrats behind closed doors in coordination with the Governor’s office.

The normal rules will be suspended and major issues will be popped on to the House floor at a moment’s notice.

How Remaining House Bills Might Still Pass After Committee Deadline
Here’s a quick, two-paragraph tutorial on how you can keep track of legislation that’s still pending as the 101st General Assembly Session reaches the halfway point.

House bills that do not make it out of a House committee by Friday, March 29 are automatically referred back to the House Rules Committee.  Under House rules, the House Rules Committee does not have the power, unlike other House committees, to refer a bill directly to the House floor. 

Bills that have been reported by a House committee to the House floor on 2nd Reading are ready for further discussion and debate.  “Second Reading” is the technical name for a bill that can be amended.  After a lead sponsor of a House bill believes that the bill has reached its final form and no longer needs to be amended, the member may grant permission to move the bill on the House floor from Second Reading to “Third Reading,” the final stage of the bill’s progress in the House.  A bill on Third Reading can be called for a final vote to determine whether or not it will be passed by the House. The status of each of the 3,824 bills in the House can be found on the legislation webpage within the overall General Assembly website.

PRESS RELEASE: Bryant Task Force Bill to Study Reopening of Tamms Minimum Security Correctional Facility Gains Unanimous House Support
Springfield….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) earned unanimous support from the Illinois House for her legislation that creates a Task Force to study the reopening and repurposing of the shuttered Tamms Correctional Center’s Minimum Security facility.

Bryant is the chief sponsor of HB 210, legislation she shares with 118th district State Rep. Patrick Windhorst.  

“I want to thank Representative Windhorst for joining me in sponsoring this important effort,” Bryant said. “Reopening and re-purposing the Minimum Security facility in Tamms could be helpful in reducing our crowded prison population, and would provide badly needed, good paying jobs for Southern Illinoisans

Representative Bryant has been a strong advocate for reopening the Minimum Security facility in Tamms since before I started running for office. There are very powerful forces that closed the super max, and I want everyone to know that this Task Force will not be studying reopening the super max.”

“I am pleased that my House colleagues are able to see how well the Murphysboro reopening and re-purposing has gone, and that a Task Force to take a serious look at overall impact of reopening the minimum security facility at Tamms,” Bryant said.

Bryant says that the Tamms Minimum Security Task Force will be made up of 2 members of the House and Senate, the Director of Corrections, a representative of AFSCME, an appointee of the President of Shawnee Community College, an appointee of the President of Southern Illinois University, the Mayor of Tamms, and a member of the Alexander County board. 

Co-sponsor Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) says the task force will study the possibility of reopening the facility, its cost, and the economic impact the action could have.

“The goal of the task force will be to study the regional impact that the facility closures had on Southern Illinois, and to study the feasibility of reopening the shuttered minimum-security facility,” Windhorst said. “Reopening Tamms’ minimum-security facility could help alleviate overcrowding, make our correctional officers safer, and provide good paying jobs to an area that has been economically devastated.”

Having earned unanimous approval from the House, HB 210 now moves to the Senate for consideration.


Rallying Gun Owners on IGOLD Lobby Day in Springfield

Stay Connected!
There are several major issues left to be resolved in the coming two months ahead of the House’s scheduled May 31 adjournment. Here’s what I see coming down the pike:

  1. The Governor’s proposed constitutional Amendment to institute a progressive income tax.
  2. Dealing with the Governor’s proposals to raise taxes on plastic bags, insurance plans, online better, e-cigarettes, and cigarettes.
  3. Legislation to legalize/not legalize cannabis for adult recreational use.
  4. A capital infrastructure plan to rebuild crumbling roads, bridges, schools, and water treatment facilities across the State.
  5. Passing a balanced budget that spends more than 36.5 billion dollars.

My office in Mt. Vernon is open Tuesday through Friday and my office in Murphysboro is open Monday through Wednesday and Fridays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. You can also contact me directly through the Contact Form on my website at or at