Bryant Takes the Lead in Springfield on Pro Life Rally Day

Springfield….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) played a big role on Pro-Life Advocacy Day in Springfield on Wednesday. Bryant led a press conference standing with a dozen Republican House colleagues in opposition to legislation moving through the legislature that would strip the rights of the unborn and lead to an increase in taxpayer funded abortions.

Bryant, who is staunchly pro-life described HB 2495, HB 2467 and SB 1942 and SB 1594 as legislation that takes Illinois ‘down the rabbit hole.’ “Reading through the ‘Reproductive Health Act’, you can’t help but feel like you’ve fallen through the rabbit hole…everything down is up, and everything up is down,” Bryant said. “When you call legislation the Reproductive Health Act, you would expect that the bill would have something to do with reproducing life. In fact, the Reproductive Health Act reads more like the ‘More Taxpayer Funded Abortions Act’.”

Bryant went on to say that even though House Bills 2495 and HB 2467 (repeals the parental notification act) are stuck in a House subcommittee, SB 1594, legislation to repeal parental notification, cleared a Senate committee on Tuesday night.

“Just because the House seems stuck on its attempts, don’t think that this issue is not moving,” Bryant said. “Just last night, the Senate advanced legislation that removes a parent or guardian’s right to be notified if a minor is going to have an abortion. We’ve seen a 50% drop in abortions in Illinois among teenagers since the Parental Notification Law has been enforced. The law was passed in 1995, and the Illinois Supreme Court has upheld it.”

Bryant later was a featured speaker at the Illinois Federation for Right to Life’s advocacy rally in the Capitol rotunda.

“I want to thank the thousands of pro-life Illinoisans for making the trip to your Capitol to have your voices heard on the issue of life,” Bryant said. “The unborn are under continuous assault in Illinois. I am here today to stand with pro-life supporters that have come here to say that they will fight against these grotesque policies. We stand with women, we stand with the unborn, we stand for life!”