Bryant Legislation Requires Plan of Action for Students with Epilepsy

For Immediate Release: March 6, 2019
Contact: State Rep. Terri Bryant (618) 242-8115

Springfield…State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) won unanimous support on Wednesday of this week from members of the Illinois House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee for legislation that seeks to create the “Seizure Smart School Act”.

“March 6 is Epilepsy Advocacy Day in the United States,” Bryant said. “What better way to acknowledge and educate the citizens of Illinois on Epilepsy Advocacy Day than to push forward the Seizure Smart School Act? I want to thank my colleagues for recognizing the need for schools and parents to have a plan in place for students that suffer epileptic seizures during school or during extracurricular activities.”

HB 1475 requires the parent or guardian of a student with epilepsy seeking assistance with epilepsy-related care in a school setting to submit a seizure action plan with the student’s school. The bill also requires that a delegated care aide perform the activities and tasks necessary to assist a student with epilepsy in accordance with the student’s seizure action plan.

Bryant’s husband Rick is an epileptic, and Bryant herself has been a long-time advocate for epilepsy awareness. She is even sponsoring House Resolution 128 that declares March 6 as Epilepsy Advocacy Day for the State of Illinois.

Rep. Bryant was joined at the Committee hearing on HB 1475 by Jefferson County resident Richard Stubblefield. Richard and Carolyn Stubblefield’s daughter Sarah passed away at too early of an age due to complications from a seizure caused by the condition. Mr. and Mrs. Stubblefield have joined lobbying efforts on Epilepsy Advocacy Day in Springfield for several years.

“I want to thank Mr. Stubblefield for coming up to Springfield to advocate for such a worthy cause,” Bryant said. “I know that Richard and Carolyn carry this banner very close to their hearts and I appreciate their passion and their support for this effort.”

Having received unanimous support, the measure now moves to the full Illinois House for consideration.