Bryant E News March 2 2019

Dear Friend,

As March roars in like a lion, I hope you will heed winter storm warnings in the next couple of days that may affect your travel plans. It appears Southern Illinois is in the direct line of a winter storm system that will last from Saturday night through Sunday. Lots of snow is being predicted, and frigid temperatures are once again coming to the region.

The 115th district is home to hundreds of miles of highway, interstate, and county and back roads. Travel on any of these can be dangerous when slick conditions exist.

As always, I want to thank the police, firefighters, rescue personnel, and emergency medical technicians that work during inclement weather to make life safer for everyone. THANK YOU.

For up to date road closure information provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation, please visit:

News and Notes from Springfield
This week during legislative Session in Springfield, there was limited action on the House floor, as bills move from 2nd to 3rd reading. The procedural part of the legislative process can take significant time, and very few bills have actually made it to the point of being ready for floor debate to this point. Sometimes I can’t help but think that the longer it takes the Chicago Democrats in this state to enact a radically left leaning agenda, the better off we will all be. On that note, there was a good bit of news this week. Sometimes we have to claim victory on the terrible ideas we STOP in addition to all the good things that we do.

Defeating Stricter Gun Regulations on Concealed Carry in ChurchesIn recent days, you may have been made aware through news reports or social media of HB 3023, a bill that would restrict individuals from conceal-carrying firearms in places of worship.

If you feel the way that I do, then you believe your church to be something of your second home. Fellow believers in my church, and in many churches in America, have teams of individuals that conceal-carry so that the parishioners may be kept safe in the event of an active shooter situation.

I was inundated with messages, texts, calls, and emails regarding this legislation. Everyone was asking, “What can we do?” My answer was, call the sponsor, call your local legislator, and don’t stop until the bill is dead. Well, my friends, your advocacy worked! The bill’s sponsor quietly laid the motion to pass HB 3023 on the Table, effectively killing this terrible idea for this legislative session.

I always tell my constituents that the best advice that I receive comes from the people that I represent. This time, your voice was loud and clear and the sponsor had no choice but to listen. Thank you!

Visiting with Area Superintendents in Springfield

Area education officials were in Springfield this week to lobby on important issues affecting our children, teachers, parents, and schools in Southern Illinois. Great meeting!

Chicago Hearing on Prescription Drug Prices

As a sitting member of the Insurance Committee, I joined a joint meeting of the
Insurance Committee and Prescription Drug Affordability and Accessibility Committees
in Chicago on Friday.

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