Bryant Named Chair of Downstate Republican Caucus

Springfield…State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) has been elected to serve as Chairwoman of the Downstate Republican Legislative Caucus.

“I am honored to be elected as Downstate Republican Caucus Chair by my colleagues in the Illinois House.” Bryant said. “This is a tough time for our State and for the Republican Party, but I am excited by the challenge that this new position will provide.”

Bryant has previously served as the Vice-Chair of the Downstate Republican Caucus

“In this role, I plan to speak up forcefully on issues that are important to all Southern Illinoisans,” Bryant said. “My district is home to a great variety of natural resources, private industry, and public employment opportunities. We also face unique challenges and strong legislative Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate and a Democrat Governor from Chicago.”

The Downstate Republican Caucus meets regularly in Springfield, bringing together State Representatives from a large geographic territory that extends from Rockford to the southeast and southwest corners of Illinois.

“Standing up and speaking out for the sanctity of life, working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights, and acting as a check and balance on out of control spending and radical anti-business policies will be the highest priorities for the Downstate Republican Caucus,” Bryant said.

“We have our work cut out for us as we have seen in the first few weeks of Governor Pritzker’s term. But it is vital that Southern Illinoisans and Downstate Republicans stand up for the people that we represent that don’t necessarily agree with this Governor or with the Democrat super-majorities on a wide range of policy issues.”