Bryant: Minimum Wage Hike will Cost Southern Illinoisans Jobs

Springfield…During a lengthy and heated debate, State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) cast a resounding NO vote against Chicago Democrat-led legislation that will raise Illinois’ minimum wage to $15 per hour. Bryant rose to speak on the House Floor during the debate, and quickly cut to the issue of how much the increase will cost educational institutions.

“Do you know what this will cost our entire University system,” Bryant asked rhetorically. “Do you know the overall cost this will have on SIU Carbondale, or SIU Edwardsville, or even to any of our community colleges? I represent an area with five nearby community colleges. How much is this going to eventually cost all of them?”

Representative Bryant went on to describe the effort by ‘bigger government’ minded Democrat Representatives as policies that mirror State-ism, and referenced the recent implosion of socialistic country Venezuela.

“How are the economies fairing where the policies of Castro, Chavez, and Maduro are in place?” Bryant asked. “State-ism eventually fails. Redistribution of wealth does not work. The heavy hand of socialism, if allowed to spread will eventually end the American dream, which relies on the individual to be successful, rather than the State to provide the bare minimum for survival. I believe this quick ramp up to $15 will cost many Southern Illinoisans their jobs, therefore making the standard of living worse, not better for the people of Southern Illinois.”