Bryant E News – February 9 2019

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Before diving in to the policy discussion for the week, I want to take some time to recognize a very special individual from DuQuoin, Mr. Bill Asbury. Bill is the father of four girls. His youngest daughter has Down Syndrome.

Ten years ago, Bill started a softball tournament as a fundraiser for Special Olympics. Toward the end of January, Bill was featured as an “Unsung Hero” on WSIL-TV News 3.
The event has become known as the “super bowl” of softball. The tournament allows girls ages 12 to 16 from multiple states to compete for a coveted trophy. To date, Bill’s efforts have helped to raise more than $700,000, and all of the money raised goes to support the Special Olympics.

You can watch the “Unsung Hero” segment that ran on WSIL-TV News 3 by clicking here.

Town Hall Draws Hundreds!
I want to say THANK YOU to the hundreds of Southern Illinoisans that came out to participate in the Southern Illinois Town Hall meeting in Marion on Monday. The crowd was enormous, with estimates of attendance being around 500 people. As you can see, the Midwest Event Center put on a beautiful display and hosted a first-class event
The issues we covered were: taxpayer funding of abortion, gun control , raising the minimum wage to $15/hr., and legalizing marijuana for recreational use. We also provided a 10-question survey to attendees on the aforementioned issues and several more. You can take the survey yourself by visiting:
In total, attendees turned in 353 completed surveys. The completed surveys were tabulated and here are the results of the vote of the Town Hall attendees.

As you can tell by the numbers above, Southern Illinoisans are overwhelmingly opposed to taxpayer funding of abortion, banning so-called “assault weapons”, searching through social media posts for reasons to revoke FOID cards, $15 an hour minimum wage, and all of the proposed tax increases.

Large, but somewhat narrower margins express disapproval of legalizing recreational marijuana and expanding access to medical marijuana.
After Monday nights town hall, I have heard from many people expressing interest in completing witness slips as opponents or proponents of certain bills. Here is how you do it.
Track the bill by # on  Watch for when the bill is assigned to Committee:
Then, go to
1. Click on the Committee you want. The bills in Committee will appear.
2. Click on the far right to complete a witness slip.
3. If you do not plan to speak at the hearing show “record of appearance only” section 4
4. Click the box at the bottom agreeing to the terms
5. Click the button “Create Slip”

Minimum Wage Increase Clears State Senate
Discussion on raising the minimum wage is ramping up in Springfield. On Thursday, SB 1 passed the Senate. The bill will increase Illinois’ minimum wage to $15/hour over the next 6 years. The House is expected to take action next week, and hosted a subject matter only hearing on the issue this week.
A major concern that I am expressing is the ‘one-size-fits-all’ nature of the legislation.
The current version of SB 1 does not reflect real cost of living differences in the various regions of the State and I believe raising the minimum wage this high, this fast will result in massive job losses and more outmigration of businesses and families from Illinois.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you support the proposal to raise Illinois’ minimum wage to $15 an hour?
You can express your opinion by visiting my website at and clicking on “Marion Survey 2019” at the top right of the page.

Evidence that Your Voice Can Be Heard! HB 181 Tabled!
I am not sure how many of you have heard of HB 181, but I just want to take a moment to congratulate you, the people of Illinois, for expressing your collective outrage at this ridiculous legislation.
HB 181 would have created the Parental Bullying Act. HB 181 stipulated that a parent or legal guardian of a minor commits parental bullying when he or she knowingly and with the intent to discipline, embarrass, or alter the behavior of the minor, transmits any verbal or visual message that the parent or legal guardian reasonably believes would coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to the minor.
The only action that was taken by the full House of Representatives this week was to in fact, table HB 181. That means that the legislation is dead (for now) and will advance no further. Your voices were heard!

Press Release: Terri Bryant Named Minority Spokesperson for House Judiciary Criminal Law Committee

Springfield….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) has been named the minority spokesperson for the Illinois House Committee on Judiciary – Criminal Law. The fourth-term Republican State Representative says she is honored to serve as the ranking minority member of the Committee.

“Thank you first of all to Leader Jim Durkin for the opportunity to serve as the Minority Spokesperson on this critical House Committee,”  Bryant said. “The Judiciary Criminal Law Committee considers legislation that reviews and amends laws regarding gun control, criminal sentencing, and criminal justice reform. The Committee also regularly interacts with staff and administration from the State’s many correctional centers.”

Bryant  has served on the Judiciary Criminal Law Committee twice before, in the 99th and 100th General Assemblies. Bryant says she gained valuable experience as an administrator for the Illinois  Department of Corrections prior to her election in 2014.

“I  spent 20 years, my whole career, in the Department of Corrections where my job required me to regularly interact with and implement policies handed down from Springfield,” Bryant said. “I have the unique opportunity to stand up for what is best for public safety, what is best for our Correctional officers, and what is best for those who are incarcerated as the Minority Spokesperson on  the Judiciary Criminal Law Committee.”

Bryant has also been named as a regular standing member of the following  Committees: Appropriations-Higher Education, Health Care Licenses, Higher Education, Human Services and Insurance. She issued  the following statement in regard to her Committee assignments.

“My Committee assignments for this General Assembly couldn’t be better,” Bryant said.

“I really want to thank Leader Durkin for recognizing that my participation in these Committees will help me to be the best representative for local interests and concerns that I could possibly be. I will have the opportunity to fight for SIU Carbondale and our many Community Colleges as a member of the Higher Education and Higher Education Appropriations Committees.

I will be working to help nurses and doctors by reducing the time it takes for qualified people to get their licenses as a member of the Healthcare License Committee.

And, I will be proud as a member of the Human Services Committee to stand up for those that are on government assistance and those that provide critical mental and health care services to all  Illinoisans. Access to mental and physical health care is a critical issue in Southern Illinois, especially.”

To follow along with legislative action during the spring Session, visit


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