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As you may have felt, Southern Illinois experienced a record cold snap this week as a polar vortex plunged temperatures around the state with wind chills dipping as low as more than -50 below zero in Chicago! The harsh weather caused the cancellation of House floor action for Wednesday and Thursday this week as Governor Pritzker declared an emergency and instructed to limit all necessary travel and take shelter from the storm.

Long and even short-term exposure to dangerously low temperatures can have devastating impacts on everyone, especially, children, elderly people, and animals. The weather has already been warming up and temperatures are expected to rise into the 60s this weekend. But, winter is not yet over. As we say in Southern Illinois, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.”

You can learn more about how to be prepared for cold weather events and other emergencies both natural and man-made by visiting Ready.Illinois.Gov

On to this week’s news, including more information on an upcoming Town Hall meeting in Marion on Monday night at 6 p.m. Please read below for more details! Thank you for reading!

Press Release: Bryant Votes NO on Madigan’s House Rules

Springfield….As the legislature returned to action in Springfield on Tuesday, the first order of business to receive consideration was HR 59.

The House Resolution is the first order of business because it establishes the parliamentary rules by which the chamber will operate for the 101st General Assembly.

Representative Bryant says she has long argued that Mike Madigan wields far too much power.

“Be it his grip on the Democratic party, its fundraising apparatuses, Democratic House member appointments, or being Speaker of the House, Madigan is all about total control,” Bryant said.

“There’s a sort of ‘total-control syndrome’ that infects the process in Illinois,” Bryant said. “One-man, one-party rule means that good ideas from the Republican side of the aisle sometimes never see the light of day.”

Representative Bryant went on to explain that the vote to elect Madigan as Speaker, and the vote for the Madigan Rules are two elements in Madigan’s loyalty test for his Democratic members.

“With each new General Assembly, Speaker Madigan requires two critical votes from Democrat members; first, their vote to re-elect him Speaker of the House, which happened on January 9th, and then his House Rules,” Bryant said. “House Republicans are often presented major pieces of legislation at the last minute, with only an hour or so to review hundreds of pages of bills that have long-term impacts on our State.”

The rules by which the Chamber is governed are the majority’s prerogative, but Bryant says efforts by Republicans to moderate some of the Rules to allow more public input were completely ignored by Madigan and other Democrat members.

“The House Republicans introduced our own proposal to address some of the more totalitarian-style rules,” Bryant said. “This is inside-baseball to some folks, but I can’t stress how important this vote is. In the past, I have introduced bills to require drug testing for welfare recipients, to prohibit the purchase of tobacco and alcohol products with TANF money, and legislation that would have reopened and repurposed Tamms Correctional Center. Each of these pieces of legislation were bottled up in Madigan’s Rules Committee and never received a hearing or a vote in Committee. We can do better than this, and I would encourage my Democrat friends to consider the fact that as State Representatives we create laws that effect all of the people of the State, not just the ones in our districts.”


WJPF Radio Interview – Town Hall Preview
I was proud to join fellow State Representatives Dave Severin and Patrick Windhorst on Friday morning for an interview to preview Monday night’s upcoming town hall meeting.


2019 Southern Illinois Town Hall Meeting

For immediate release: February 1, 2019
Rep. Bryant @ 618-242-8115
Rep. Severin @618-440-5090

Rep. Windhorst –

Illinois State Representatives Terri Bryant, Dave Severin, and Patrick Windhorst will host a legislative town hall and listening session in Marion on Monday, February 4, 2019. The Representatives will make themselves available to discuss their own legislative agendas, their thoughts on actions taken during the first weeks of the Pritzker administration, and take questions from audience members.

The public and members of the media are invited to attend.
If you have any questions, you may reach Representative Bryant’s office in Murphysboro at 618-684-1100, Representative Severin’s office at 618-440-5090, or Representative Windhorst’s office at
Who: 115thDistrict State Representative Terri Bryant, 117th District State Representative Dave Severin, and 118th District State Representative Patrick Windhorst

Legislative Town Hall and Listening Session hosted by Southern Illinois
State Representatives

February 4, 2019 – 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Where: Midwest Event Center, 11580 Route 37 North, Marion, IL

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