Bryant E News – January 26 2019

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You might say that this week’s edition of Bryant E News covers Illinois’ recent “lurch to the left”. In the last 10 days, Governor Pritzker used his pen to sign a gun-control bill, and Executive Orders regarding abortion, man-made climate change, and illegal immigration.

Last week’s Bryant E-News contained the following text: “During his inaugural address, Governor Pritzker highlighted the following issues: man-made climate change, gun-control, universal healthcare, and a progressive income tax hike. If we were at a liberal restaurant folks, those items above would be on special year round.”

WSIU Radio Interview – I had a fantastic chat with the incomparable Jennifer Fuller at WSIU radio earlier this week as we prepare to return to Springfield for the next 5 months for Session. Click the link below to listen in!

Gun Dealer Licensing Bill and Assault Weapons Ban Reaction – As I mentioned at the top, one of Governor Pritzker’s first acts as Governor was to sign a law creating a new fee and additional licensing regulations for businesses that do the majority of their business selling guns and ammunition. The new law will require gun dealers to have a state license for the owner, a state license for the dealer, and possibly a local license in addition to the federal license that is already required. The law also allows for local governments to impose additional requirements on gun dealers. It is really an over-reach and a doubling of regulations on small businesses and law-abiding people.

And speaking of over-reaching gun grab policies, this week suburban Chicago-based State Senator Julie Morrison introduced “Assault Weapons Ban.” Legislation. The bill, SB 107 is just one of many recently introduced gun-control measures. The most recently introduced Assault Weapons Ban includes a ban on most semi-automatic rifles, certain pistols, and shotguns with magazines that hold more than five rounds. This legislation is a direct attack on the Constitutional rights of our law-abiding gun owners and unfairly punishes our gun manufacturers. I cannot and I will not support legislation that targets those who lawfully obtain and responsibly own firearms in our state. Please know that I am firmly opposed to SB 107. Rather than pushing for sweeping, overreaching and dangerous firearm bans, I would urge lawmakers to focus on the real issues causing gun violence in our state.

Abortion Executive OrderPritzker Orders Compliance, Celebrates Abortion Access at Planned Parenthood in Chicago
The first Governor in the history of the United States to sign taxpayer-funded abortion into law that allows for elective abortions at any time during the pregnancy for any reason to be paid for through Medicaid was our last Republican Governor Bruce Rauner. Not to be outdone, this week our new Governor JB Pritzker signed an Executive Order requiring all agencies to quickly and fully implement House Bill 40, which is the underlying bill that was signed by our previous ‘Republican’ governor. The first quote in Governor Pritzker’s press release said, “On the anniversary of Roe v Wade, I’m proud to declare under my Administration, the state of Illinois will be the most progressive state in the nation when it comes to guaranteeing the right to choose for every single woman.”


As you know, I find the practice of abortion abhorrent. Using state tax dollars for elective abortions is a sick perversion of what we are supposed to do in America….the government should be here to ensure that individuals’ rights to life, liberty, and pursuits of happiness shall be preserved!

The first of these God-given, inalienable Rights, is the Right to Life. Ladies and gentlemen, as the State of Illinois continues down this destructive path, I and my fellow southern Illinois legislators are busy taking action to repeal these treacherous laws and to enact protections for the unborn.

The first attempt to repeal HB 40 in its entirety comes in the form of HB 340, which was introduced by State Representative Patrick Windhorst. I am proud to be a chief co-sponsor of HB 340. The bill would repeal all provisions of  HB 40, and return Illinois back to policies that disallow tax dollars for abortion services. In the coming weeks, I will have more information for you regarding legislation that I will be sponsoring to end these barbaric practices in Illinois.

WJPF Radio Interview – Thursday, January 24th
On Wednesday, I was glad to join Tom Miller in studio for a wide ranging interview. We discussed the items I have detailed above, and took a look ahead at what is likely coming down the pike for the spring legislative Session. Click below to listen in!

Marijuana Bill Details Released
Key provisions of a proposal that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana for Illinoisans began to emerge this week. As you may know, I am a strong proponent for the responsible use and application of Medicinal cannabis for patients dealing with life-threatening and horrible disease. I am a staunch OPPONENT of efforts to legalize recreational marijuana. The bill has not yet been introduced, but the sponsors of the legislation are beginning to leak details out to the public. Here is what we know is in the proposal so far.

1. Individuals 21 and older would be allowed to purchase/possess up to 1 oz (28 grams) of marijuana.
2. Individuals 21 and over would be allowed to grow up to 5 plants on their property
3. Employers, landlords, and municipalities would still be able to impose restrictions or prohibitions on possession and use
4. Revenues generated from the sale of recreational marijuana would be dedicated to support law enforcement, public education campaigns, substance abuse treatments, and programs to repair harms to communities adversely affected by the War on Drugs. To put it another way, it looks to me that the goal of the legislation is to make sure that Chicago gets a hefty slice of the revenue pie.

I will continue to keep you updated on this issue as it quickly gains momentum in Springfield. I will be voting NO on efforts to legalize recreational marijuana.

Southern Illinois University Administrators Meet with Southern Illinois Legislators

I enjoyed a great meeting Wednesday morning between SIU-C area House members and SIU-C Administration. I want to thank SIU System Interim President Kevin Dorsey for putting the meeting together!

Bass Fishing Check Presentation – Illinois Sportsmen’s Caucus Grants

As a member of the Illinois Sportsman’s Caucus, I was proud to present the Anna-Jonesboro bass fishing team with a $500 grant in support of their club. Best of luck to these fine young adults!

2018 Rural Physician of Excellence Award Winner Receives Congratulatory Resolution

Congratulations to Dr. Kyaw Naing on receiving the 2018 Rural Physician of Excellence Award from the Illinois Rural Health Association. Dr. Naing has a true passion for community health, having served as the director of the Jackson County Health Department, is a professor at the SIU Family Medicine Residency Program, and serves as the Medical Director and teaches at the SIU Physician Assistant Program.

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