Bryant Reacts to Pritzker Signing Gun Dealer Licensing Bill

Murphysboro….On Thursday, just a few short days into his term as Governor, JB Pritzker signed legislation that will once again expand government bureaucracy while eroding 2nd Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens. According to State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro), who cast several No votes against what was known as the ‘gun-dealer licensing bill’ during the previous General Assembly. Bryant says Pritzker is sticking close to his history on guns, whether Illinoisans favor the move or not.

“The Governor has previously run for office on some pretty radical ideas when it comes to 2nd Amendment protections,” Bryant said. “As an unsuccessful candidate for Congress, Governor Pritzker floated the idea of an all out ban on handguns. His ideas on guns do not align with mine or the vast majority of Southern Illinoisans. They certainly don’t jibe well with what is supposed to be a guaranteed Constitutional right to bear arms.”

Once it takes effect, SB 337 will now create new licensing costs and regulations for small, independent gun dealerships. Bryant says the bill is probably the most notorious piece of legislation among gun owners and Second Amendment supporters in Illinois, drawing more than 4,000 opponents on the record when presented to the House Judiciary Committee.

“The new law creates a new fee and additional licensing regulations for businesses that do the majority of their business selling guns and ammunition,” Bryant said. “This law will require gun dealers to have a state license for the owner, a state license for the dealer, and possibly a local license in addition to the federal license that is already required. The bill also allows for local governments to impose additional requirements on gun dealers. It is really an over-reach and a doubling of regulations on small businesses and law-abiding people.”

Bryant is warning her constituents to be aware that more gun regulations are likely coming, as control of State government has shifted radically to Democrat control.

“When Illinois Democrats say things like ‘common-sense’ gun regulation, you can bet that means higher costs and more regulations for law-abiding citizens,” Bryant said. “Folks that don’t own guns or know our culture and history in Southern Illinois fail to appreciate the traditions that we share with generations of our families. We teach our kids how to hunt and how to responsibly own and use firearms. When it comes to these Chicago-led gun grabs, I’m going to stand up for my district and vote to protect our Second Amendment rights each and every time.”