Bryant Sworn-in to Fourth Term as 115th State Representative

Springfield….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) took the oath of office on Wednesday, as she was sworn-in to a 4th term as 115th district State Representative. Bryant was re-elected in November 2018 and begins work in the 101st General Assembly on Thursday.

“Inauguration Day is always a joyous and hopeful occasion,” Bryant said. “I am deeply honored and proud to serve the people of Southern Illinois as their State Representative. I want to thank the many friends, family members, and supporters that made the trip to Springfield to watch the ceremony. I sincerely hope that the good feelings that come about as a new legislature is seated will continue into the Session and that we can work cooperatively as a body.”

Bryant takes office as the balance of power in Illinois government radically shifts toward Democratic control. Democrats will hold veto-proof majorities in both the Illinois House and Senate and will occupy all six Constitutional offices, including the Governor’s office. For her part, Bryant says she is cautiously optimistic that Democrats will work across party lines.

“The incoming Governor has signaled a willingness, at least for now, to listen to ideas from Republicans and to work cooperatively,” Bryant said. “I have been encouraged by some of the personnel moves he has made already, but I will be watching closely when policy items begin to move in the House. We might have a new Governor, but we are still facing enormous challenges. Property taxes are too high and people are leaving the State. We have to rebuild our infrastructure, and we must take steps to stop the outmigration of our citizens to neighboring states. These are enormous challenges that will require good ideas from both sides.”

The 115th district is located within the boundaries of all of Jefferson County, and parts of Jackson, Union, Washington, and Perry Counties. Bryant has offices located in Murphysboro and Mount Vernon. Constituents can visit her website at and use the contact form to message her office.