Bryant Resolution Condemns Satan Statue Placement in Capitol

Murphysboro…State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) announced Wednesday that she has introduced a House Resolution calling for the condemnation of the decision by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to allow the placement of a satanic statue in the Capitol building’s rotunda holiday display.

Bryant says she agrees with the hundreds of constituents that have called to complain about the move, and took action this week by filing HR 1355.

“I believe the decision to allow a Satan worship sculpture to be placed alongside emblems of the faiths of the Jewish people and Christians is a grave mistake and sends the wrong message during this time of reflection and celebration,” Bryant said. “I introduced this Resolution in time for the 100th General Assembly to make its opinion known on this issue when we return to Springfield in January. That message would be that we as a body reject and condemn the decision to allow this disgusting display in our Capitol.”

Bryant says her Resolution is careful not to call for the removal of the statue, citing First Amendment protections. However, Bryant says that she is also exercising her unalienable Right to Free Speech by introducing the Resolution to condemn the placement of the Satan worship statue.

“First of all, the people that placed that statue are not celebrating anything, but rather building a small shrine to Satan in a public place in order to divide people and gin up reaction,” Bryant said. “If the Satanists are protected by the First Amendment and are allowed to place that statue in our Capitol during this Holiday season, then I am certainly within my rights both as an American and as a State Representative to say that poking a finger in the eye of people of the Jewish and Christian faiths at Christmas, though it may be legal, certainly does not make it right.”

Rep. Bryant and State Representative Dave Severin, the Resolution’s chief co-sponsor, joined forces to introduce the Resolution and are actively seeking more House members to help co-sponsor the measure. The full text of the Resolution can be read by clicking here.