Bryant E News August 4 2018

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This week was another busy one spent traveling between Springfield and the 115th district. There was also news made on the legislative front this week and I have an announcement on new trooper training for prospective Illinois State Police troopers. Thank you for reading!

Governor Signs My Bill to Assist Mental Health Patients with Receiving IDs Upon Release
On Friday, Governor Rauner signed legislation that I proudly sponsored earlier this year that will aid mental health patients by providing individuals released from Department of Human Services facilities with a valid State ID. I am thankful to Gov. Rauner for signing SB 2903 and for recognizing the necessity of the legislation.

I urged the Governor to sign the bill because it is important to support a ‘continuum of care’ for people dealing with mental health issues.

Improving mental health care outcomes is a major issue facing our country and our state. SB 2903 will improve outcomes for mental health care patients in Illinois. When a person has completed treatment and has been cleared to leave a state supported facility, either fully released or under supervision, I believe they should be provided with a proper identification if they do not have one. It helps people get off to a better start.

SB 2903 cleared the Illinois House and Senate without garnering a single ‘No’ vote. The unanimous support for the bill from the legislature and the Governor’s signature signals a societal recognition of the importance of continuous care for the mentally ill.

There is significant momentum behind the movement to improve overall outcomes for mental health care patients that leave the state’s care. Individuals that complete treatment at State run mental health facilities often need a hand up when they are ready to return to society. A valid ID can help someone find housing, transportation, and work. Maybe it is a small step, but I feel it is an important one, and I thank my colleagues in the General Assembly and the Governor for their support for this legislation.

Do you have what it takes to be an Illinois State Trooper? ISP Now Accepting Applications
The Illinois State Police Merit Board is currently processing applications for Cadet Class 129, tentatively scheduled for April, 2019. In order to be considered for Cadet Class 129, the Merit Board must receive a completed application and required documentation by August 15, 2018. This is a wonderful opportunity for a service minded person to be a part of something bigger than yourself, to join an elite law enforcement unit, and to serve your country, state, and community.

Applicants may apply online at:

Also, take a few minutes to check out this cool ISP Recruitment Video –

Director of Illinois Dept. of Aging Visits Carbondale
I had a wonderful time on Tuesday at The Landings in Carbondale. I was joined by the Director of the Illinois Dept. on Aging, Jean Bonhoff.

We had lunch, took a tour, and visited some awesome people. They have everything anyone could want in retirement living. 

We also had the chance to be there for the kick off of registration for the Autism walk. Big thanks to the staff and residents for making it such a special day.

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