Bryant Says New Gun Laws Take Aim at Law Abiding Citizens

Murphysboro…State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) reacted today to the signing of House Bill 2354 and Senate Bill 3256, two pieces of legislation that slap further regulations on 2nd Amendment protections.

HB 2354 would allow family members to get court approval to remove firearms from loved ones they believe could hurt someone or themselves. Bryant says she opposed the legislation.

“I did not support HB 2354 during the legislative Session this year,” Bryant said. “I believe that the bill unfairly limits due process and could potentially make criminals out of law abiding citizens. Quite simply, the bill goes too far and allows for actual confiscation of legally owned weapons.”

SB 3256 establishes a “72 hour waiting period” while background checks are performed on gun purchasers. Bryant says the 72-hour waiting period bill is another example of Chicago Democrats playing to a radical anti-gun base.

“This bill creates yet another layer of bureaucracy to place at the altar of Chicago Democratic-base politics,” Bryant said. “This legislation really strikes at some beloved traditions in Southern Illinois and will harm gun dealers and gun and knife trade shows. Unfortunately, every day that the legislature is in Session in Illinois, pro 2nd Amendment legislators like myself must be vigilant and work to protect our constitutionally guaranteed rights.”