Bryant Calls on Dunn to be Removed as SIU President

Murphysboro….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) is once again calling for SIU President Randy Dunn to be fired or to resign immediately. Bryant took to the floor of the Illinois House back on Thursday, May 17 as the first sitting legislator to publicly call for Dunn’s resignation. Following her speech, at least 3 more legislators have also called for Dunn to resign.

Bryant’s original call for Dunn’s resignation came as a result of the release of information obtained through FOIA revealed that in emails to the SIU-E Chancellor, Dunn had referred profanely to individuals from Carbondale that opposed his plan to shift $5 million from SIU-C to SIU-E and that he was purposely misrepresenting the rules for shifting funding in order to quiet any dissenters.

The Friday, June 29 edition of the Southern Illinoisan has now revealed damning information that contradicts Dunn’s own public statements in regard to the proposed cost shift and in regard to proposed legislation that would have split up the 3-part Southern Illinois University system into separate pieces.

“When I called on the SIU Board of Trustees and Chair Amy Sholar to release all documents related to Randy Dunn’s collusion with officials from SIU-E, I did so knowing that what was found might be disturbing,” Bryant said. “I hate to say that my hunch was right. Evidence reveals that Randy Dunn has worked to undermine SIU-Carbondale and has lied to me and to the public about it. Working behind the scenes in a collusive manner with SIU-E officials is not the capacity that Randy Dunn was hired to serve in.”

Bryant then reiterated her call for Dunn to be removed or resign immediately and issued a challenge to the SIU Board of Trustees.

“The President has lost my confidence and the confidence of at least 4 of the members of the Board of Trustees,” Bryant said. “It is time for Randy Dunn to be done as the SIU President. It is the Board’s duty to act in the best interest of the University system as a whole. This is a time for leadership and I believe Chair Sholar must step up and lead. I believe the sooner Randy Dunn is removed and replaced, the better it will be for everyone involved.”