State Rep. Terri Bryant Calls for Randy Dunn to Resign as SIU President

Springfield…State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) once again rose to speak on  the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives on Thursday to address issues related to Southern Illinois University. This time though, Bryant had a much different message.

“Last week, I spoke against a package of bills that attack SIU Carbondale’s campus,” Bryant said. “I didn’t think that this week I would be defending SIU-C against yet another attack, but that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

Bryant went on to say that evidence revealed in an op-ed in today’s Southern Illinoisan make it quite clear that President Dunn is not working for the Carbondale campus, and that he is in fact colluding with officials at SIU Edwardsville to work against it.

“An opinion piece in today’s Southern Illinoisan includes a screenshot of an email sent by President Randy Dunn to Vice President Duane Stucky, SIUE Chancellor Randy Pembrook and SIUE Budget Director William Winter —  that was quite revealing, “ Bryant said. “Quoting from the op-ed, ‘Budget-related documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act show that SIU President Randy Dunn actively concealed from SIUC Chancellor Carlo Montemagno his plan to transfer $5.125 million from the Carbondale to Edwardsville campus. He sought to use the fictitious 60/40 split formula to — “shut up the bitchers from Carbondale.’

After offering a strong defense of her constituents and the Carbondale campus, Bryant called on Dunn to resign his post as SIU President.

“For the health of the University system, to preserve the future of SIU Carbondale, and because of his obvious and blatant disdain for my constituents and for the SIU Carbondale campus, President Dunn should resign from his position and he should resign today,” demanded Bryant.

The full transcript of Bryant’s speech is available here:

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