Rep. Terri Bryant Defends SIU Carbondale Against Attacks by Democrats

Bryant Speaks out against Plan to Split up SIU SystemSpringfield…

State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) took to the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives on Thursday to speak out against a package of legislation that she says amounts to an outright attack on Southern Illinois University’s Carbondale campus.  Bryant used the opportunity to speak to the impact that SIU Carbondale has as a research institution and as an economic engine for Southern Illinois.

“On Thursday, April 19, I attended a hearing of the House Higher Education Committee where a package of four bills, HB 1292, 1293, 1294, and HB 5860 were brought for consideration by Representatives Hoffman, Stuart, and Bristow,” Bryant said. “Both Republican and Democrat members of the Committee helpfully identified the legislation as a direct attack on Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The sponsor of the bill was unfortunately not able to sufficiently answer questions as to the economic impact that such a drastic measure would have on the city of Carbondale, or to the Southern Illinois economy as a whole.”

After outlining a multitude of potential problems with the legislation, Bryant also thanked hundreds of her constituents for reaching out to express their opposition to the plan to split SIU in to two separate Universities.

“All four bills in the “attack SIU Carbondale” package did pass the Higher Ed Committee despite Republican opposition. Now, these bills are sitting on 2nd Reading. Thankfully the deadline to pass substantive bills through the House has passed, but as we all know, no BAD idea is ever truly dead in Springfield.

As a Murphysboro resident, as a proud supporter of SIU-C, and as a member of the House Higher Ed Committee, I firmly believe that Southern Illinois University will be healthier and more attractive as a cohesive unit, and I believe splitting the system apart will weaken it.

To the hundreds of constituents that contacted me in opposition to splitting up SIU, to my colleagues on the House Higher Education Committee, and to the members of the SIU Board of Trustees that rejected the transfer of $5 million away from Carbondale, I want to say, ‘thank you into”

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