Bryant Bill will Assist Released Mental Health Care Patients

Springfield…State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) received unanimous support from the Illinois House of Representatives this week for legislation she is sponsoring that would provide individuals released from Illinois Department of Human Services facilities with valid State of Illinois identification.

Bryant says the measure, HB 4998, is necessary to support a ‘continuum of care’ for people dealing with mental health issues.

“Improving mental health care outcomes is a major issue facing our country and our state,” Bryant said. “HB 4998 will improve outcomes for mental health care patients in Illinois. When a person has completed treatment and has been cleared to leave a state supported facility, either fully released or under supervision, I believe they should be provided with a proper identification if they do not have one. It helps people get off to a better start.”

Bryant says she is encouraged at the prospects that the bill can pass the Senate because it passed unanimously through Committee and the House in the last week.

“There is significant momentum behind the movement to improve overall outcomes for mental health care patients, that leave the state’s care,” Bryant said. “Individuals that complete treatment at State run mental health facilities often need a hand up when they are ready to return to society,” Bryant said. “A valid ID can help someone find housing, transportation, and work. Maybe it is a small step, but I feel it is an important one.”

After passing the House by a vote of 111-0, HB 4998 moves to the Illinois Senate for consideration.