State of the State Speech Reaction – Illinois has Great Potential, Needs True Reform

Springfield…State Representative Terri Bryant issued the following statement today following Governor Bruce Rauner’s fourth State of the State address.
Rep. Bryant and Senator Paul Schimpf (R – Waterloo) look on
during Governor Bruce Rauner’s 4th State of the State address
on Wednesday.
“I am happy that the Governor worked to strike an optimistic tone,” Bryant said. “The Governor rightly pointed out that Illinois is the home of past Presidents of the United States, innovators, inventors, builders, artists, athletes, and brave service men and women. It is clear that we must once again tap into the great potential of the people of Illinois to change the direction of the State.
The Governor offered strong arguments for why we need to enact policies that will help our economy grow.  We need to unleash the potential of the private sector in our State. We simply must grow more good paying jobs in Illinois or our State will continue to lag behind our neighbors.
It is my hope that as the new Session begins in earnest that the Chicago Democrats that control the legislature will see how desperately we need to take the boot off of the neck of job creators.
We must also change our political culture. The Governor has been a champion for term limits and fairly drawn legislative maps. I agree with both of these concepts and believe that real political reform can be the first step to signal to job creators that we are serious in Illinois about providing incentives to locate here and that we are working to stamp out the corrupt politics of the past.
Illinois has great potential. We need real reforms to our political and economic systems to truly change our state’s direction.”