Bryant E News January 13 2018

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Winter weather has once again descended on Southern Illinois this week, canceling school and church services and causing hazardous traveling conditions. The best time to prepare for winter weather is before it happens, but if you’re like me and you are BUSY, you might need a refresher on what to do when winter weather strikes and how you can prepare your home and vehicles for inclement weather and dangerous cold.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency has published a Winter Storm Preparedness guide to help guide you through the ‘do’s and don’ts’ when dealing with cold weather, ice, and snow. The guide explains the differences between watches, warnings, and advisories, provides a guide on what to include in an at home winter weather preparedness kit, and a helpful resource on how to check road conditions where you are and where you are going if you have to travel.

Here’s a sample: Check the latest weather conditions along your planned travel route. Listen to weather forecasts on TV, local radio stations or on a NOAA Weather Radio. Call 1-800-452-IDOT or go to the IDOT website ( to get current road conditions for Illinois’ interstate systems.


Please stay safe and warm as we endure another cold snap and winter weather events!

District Wide School Library Grants Announced this Week!
Good news came for more than a dozen school districts in the 115th district, following an announcement by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White earlier this week

I am pleased to be able to announce that grants totaling more than $10,000 are heading to 12 school district libraries located within the boundaries of the 115th district. The School Library Grants are issued from the State Library via Secretary White’s School Library Grant program. I want to thank Secretary White for his leadership and commitment to improving school libraries, access to new materials, and the overall education of our public school students.

The School District Library Grant Program is designed to help provide more library books and materials for the students of public schools in Illinois. The state legislature has authorized up to a $.75 per pupil expenditure for qualifying schools. The grant award is based on funds appropriated by the General Assembly and the official enrollment as of the previous September 30th of a school district.

The districts receiving the funding include: Trico CUSD #176 ($750.00), Unity Point SD #140 ($750), Carbondale ESD #95 ($1,007.25), DeSoto CSD #86 ($750.00), DuQuoin CUD #300 ($1,060.50), Elverado CUSD #196 ($750.00), Summersville ED #79 ($750.00), Mount Vernon School District #80 ($1,041.75), Mount Vernon Township HSD #201 ($892.50), Murphysboro CUSD #186 ($1,497.75), Opdyke-Belle Rive CCSD #5 ($750.00), Waltonville CUSD #1 ($750.00)

For his part, Secretary of State Jesse White offered his own remarks regarding the release of the school library grant funds.

“As a former public school teacher and administrator, I know our school libraries are very important in helping students learn and prepare themselves for the future,” said Illinois Secretary of State and State Librarian, Jesse White. “Illinois was the first state to implement a school district grant program for libraries, and I am pleased that we can continue to provide them with some of the financial resources they need to produce well-educated students.”

The Secretary of State’s office says that grant monies will be processed in the SOS office next week. Once the vouchers reach the Comptroller’s office, their release date will be determined depending on where the voucher lands in the State’s queue of unpaid bills.

Beck Family Honored by Cedarhurst Center for the Arts in Mt. Vernon
I was honored to join residents of Mt. Vernon last weekend for a special dedication at Cedarhurst Center for the Arts. In thanks for years of charitable giving in support of the arts community in Mt. Vernon, Bill Beck and his family were honored by having a room dedicated in their family’s name.  Here are a few photos from the special ceremony. Congratulations to the entire Beck family!

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