Bryant E News January 6 2018

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As the first week of the new year begins, I want to once again wish you and your family a Happy and healthy New Year! This week’s edition covers some old ground and some new topics. Let’s get right to it.

Mt. Vernon Register-News Two Part Series
This week I was interviewed by a reporter for the Mt. Vernon Register-News regarding the current State of Illinois’ financial picture, and to recap events leading up to the passage of Illinois’ first full budget in more than 2.5 years. You can read parts one and two of the two-part series by following the links in bold below. I have included a couple of excerpts of each piece. The articles are well worth the read. Thanks to Travis Morse of the Register-News for visiting my office and taking time to ask questions and listen.

Part 1 – Bryant eyes state challenges – Mt. Vernon Register-News January 3rd
Excerpt…Illinois’ high Worker’s Compensation rate and dismal credit rating have put a real strain on businesses, said State Rep. Terri Bryant. Until these issues are dealt with, Illinois will continue to lose manufacturers and residents to states with a more welcoming business climate, Bryant said.

“Our worker’s comp rate is as much as three times higher than our surrounding states and so we haven’t done a very good job yet of addressing that issue,” Bryant said. “I personally think that we actually are going to have to see a movement toward more Republican representation in the House in order to make that happen. So hopefully in this next election we’ll see a move that will bring in more individuals that are less dependent upon the trial lawyers.”

Part 2 – Bryant defends budget vote
Excerpt….“As a legislator, part of my job is to protect the citizens of my district and I would say there were so many red flags that went up for this district that to not act would have been, in my mind, criminal,” Bryant said.

…. In essence, she said, the state would have run out of money the first week of August, which means state employees would not be paid. Bryant said her district, the 115th District, has the most state employees of any district in the state. Her district includes all or parts of Jefferson, Jackson, Perry, Union, and Washington counties.

“So that translates to state employees not being paid in August,” Bryant said. “So imagine the number of state employees in this district and they would not have been receiving paychecks.”

New Year, New Laws – 2018
In last week’s edition of Bryant E-News I provided a link to a printable PDF form listing descriptions of more than 200 new laws that took effect in Illinois as of January 1. For those of you that were taking some time off from the ‘grid’ during the holidays, I have once again provided a link to that information below. I want my constituents to stay up to date on all the latest news in Illinois.


Knowing which laws are new and how they might affect you and your family is just one way to stay informed. For more information on any of these newly passed laws, please contact me using my website contact form at

Union County Celebrates its own Bicentennial
As you may know, 2018 will mark Illinois’ 200th birthday. Commemorative bicentennial celebrations and activities are planned throughout the state for the entire year. What you may not know, however, is that Union County already turned 200 this week!

The January 4th edition of the Southern Illinoisan reported that Union County was officially formed as a county in the Illinois Territory on Jan. 2, 1818, before Illinois became a state. A celebration is planned at the Union County Courthouse in Jonesboro this weekend. For more details, check out The Southern’s article on this subject by clicking here.

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