Bryant Votes No on Overreaching Gun Regulation Bill

Springfield….On the final day of the first week of veto session, State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) voted no on a sweeping gun regulation bill that she says goes too far. Bryant, a long-time gun owner and staunch 2nd Amendment supporter, says she was not surprised by the gun-grab by Chicago Democrats that control the Illinois House.

“Unfortunately, every day that the legislature is in session in Illinois, law abiding gun owners must be vigilant to protect their constitutionally guaranteed rights,” Bryant said. “HB 4117 is a bill that was sold to us as a response to the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. In reality, the bill makes criminals out of law abiding gun owners and threatens the very existence of the Sparta Shooting Complex in Southern Illinois.”

The Sparta Shooting Complex hosts multiple shooting contests throughout the year. The economic impact of the Sparta Shooting Complex is estimated to be $24 million per year for Southern Illinois. Marksmen and target and sport shooting enthusiasts often make modifications to their weapons to increase their accuracy and firing speeds.

Bryant spoke against the bill during debate on the House floor. She noted that trigger modifications are sometimes made to assist disabled hunters and sport shooters in their gun-related pursuits.

“This bill unfairly targets law abiding citizens and it also has other unintended consequences,” Bryant said. “I am also opposed to this bill because we’re talking about taking away the ability of disabled individuals to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. Turning thousands of law-abiding gun owners in Illinois into criminals is not good public policy. I am proud to have stood against this overreaching gun-grab and I am glad that it was defeated today.”

The bill failed after earning only 48 votes.