Bryant E News October 14 2017

Dear Friend,

This week was another busy one in the 115th district. Throughout  my travels, I have been glad to hear from so many of you as you express your concerns and opinions on the workings of State government. The number one issue I am currently hearing about is the recent signing of HB 40, which makes taxpayer funded abortion the law of the land in Illinois. As you know, I am adamantly pro-life, and I completely oppose the use of taxpayer funds to pay for abortion services. Please read below to learn about steps the House Republicans are taking to repeal key provisions of the recently signed law. I have news on that issue and more in this week’s E News. Thank you for reading!

Sponsoring a Bill to Repeal Taxpayer Funded Abortions  
This week I signed on as a chief co-sponsor of HB 4114. The bill would repeal taxpayer funding for abortion procedures in Illinois.

I am proud to stand behind HB 4114 as a chief co-sponsor in the House. The use of taxpayer funds to assist in partial birth abortions, or abortion procedures of any kind at any time of pregnancy for any reason is abhorrent. I’ve heard from hundreds of my constituents that have reached out to me to express their utter disgust at the signing of HB 40 and the use of taxpayer funds for procedures that many folks, including myself, find immoral and reprehensible.

The “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” is based on the model of the federal Hyde Amendment, which prevents federal funding for abortions other than in cases of rape or incest, or that threaten the life of the mother. Abortions under these circumstances constitute roughly 1% of all abortions. Federal law already requires states to provide Medicaid abortions under these three conditions, and the proposed Act recognizes those federal provisions.

When we return to Springfield, I will be urging my colleagues in the majority party to allow HB 4114 to be voted on. I will keep you updated on this issue as Veto Session approaches.

PFC Tyler Iubelt Memorial Highway Ceremony
On Wednesday, I was extremely humbled and proud to have the opportunity to address residents of Tamaroa, greater Perry County, and students from St. Ann’s Catholic School in Nashville and Tamaroa Grade School, as well as the family of fallen hero PFC Tyler Iubelt today at a very special ceremony.

I joined Senator Paul Schimpf and Representative Jerry Costello in presenting a Resolution renaming a section of Rte. 51 as the PFC Tyler Iubelt Memorial Highway. PFC Iubelt gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country in Afghanistan in November of 2016.

Thank you to everyone that came out to honor this brave hero and his family. May he rest in peace. God bless our service men and women and their families. Thank you all for your service to our country.

DuQuoin Community Service Program
I joined DuQuoin High School Seniors as they prepared to spend the day picking up trash all over DuQuoin. The students are required to complete 15 hours of service in their community in order to graduate.

This is a great program and I want to applaud the school and the students for the pride they are taking in the DuQuoin community.

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