Bryant: Rauner is Wrong to Endorse Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Murphysboro….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) issued the following statement on Thursday, after Governor Rauner announced that he will sign HB 40 into law.

“By announcing his intention to sign HB 40, the Governor will make taxpayer funding of abortion at any time for any reason the law of the land in Illinois. This news is both surprising and highly disappointing.

During a meeting last spring in the Capitol, I and many of my House Republican colleagues were given personal assurances by Governor Rauner that he would veto HB 40 if it ever reached his desk. So, today’s announcement is a direct contradiction to what I was previously told by both the Governor and his staff.

The proponents of HB 40 and the supporters of this law do not share the same value set that I do. I believe life begins at conception and that no one has a right to take that life. The sanctity of life is the ideal I hold most dear as a Christian, a mother, a grandmother, and as a public official.

Protecting the life of the unborn should be the number one moral imperative that we have as a society. Instead, the law in my beloved State of Illinois will be changed to allow elective abortion procedures, including the abhorrent and sickening practice of partial birth abortion, and the Governor’s announcement today puts all Illinois taxpayers on the hook to pick up the tab.”