Governor Signs Bill to Stop Lawmaker Pay Raises – State Rep. Terri Bryant Co-sponsored Legislation

Springfield….Shortly before a Special Session of the Illinois General Assembly began, Governor Bruce Rauner signed HB 643 into law. The bill, co-sponsored by State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) eliminates cost of living adjustments and mileage and per diem hikes for Illinois lawmakers.

Bryant says she was proud to help the measure reach the Governor’s desk as a co-sponsor and a ‘Yes’ vote for the bill.

“This is a fundamental issue of doing what is right,” Bryant said. “Illinois lawmakers are already among the highest paid in the country. With the record of debt and deficits racked up by the Democrat majority over the last four decades, there is no justification for higher pay or higher
reimbursement levels for politicians.”

Illinois state law requires that the General Assembly must act in order to forgo cost of living adjustments and per diem and mileage increases. The provision in law is related to the fact that the Illinois General Assembly is automatically granted cost of living increases through a continuing appropriation.

Representative Bryant has now voted to eliminate her own pay raise all three years she has been in office. Rep. Bryant was also a strong proponent of “no budget, no pay” for months.

A total of $74,434 has not been included in the base salary received by a member of the Illinois General Assembly from FY10-FY18.  If the COLAs had been added to the base salary each year, the base salary would currently be $79,243.

Rep. Bryant is in Springfield this week for Special Session called by Governor Rauner to address the issue of school funding.