Bryant E News June 17 2017

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In this week’s edition I offer my reaction to Governor Rauner’s Special Session Proclamation. This week House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and many of my colleagues in the House held a press conference to announce their support for a balanced budget and a packet of reforms to make Illinois a better place to create jobs. I am anxious to return to Springfield to get to work on these critical issues.

This week I also joined the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for a press conference to announce a new direction for Rend Lake Resort. There are photos and news links so you can learn more on that topic as well.

I have also included two opinion pieces I’ve drafted regarding two major issues. The first is regarding my NO vote on SB 1 (the school funding formula change legislation), and the second regards the Department on Aging’s Community Reinvestment Program (CRP).

I am the minority Spokesperson for the House’s Committee on Aging. I wrote the op-ed piece on the CRP in response to some unfair criticisms leveled by the Aging Committee’s chairwoman Anna Moeller of Elgin. Rep. Moeller’s piece ran in several outlets statewide and I felt a fact-based response to her heavily rhetorical and critical op-ed was necessary.

Thank you for your continued readership. At this pivotal point in our state’s history, the participation of the citizens in petitioning their government and demanding action on a balanced budget is critical.


When the House adjourned on May 31, Speaker Madigan claimed we would be in ‘continuous’ session. However, aside from a couple of budget hearings in Chicago, the House has not met at all since that time. That is hardly ‘continuous’ session.

I applaud the Governor for taking the necessary step to call the legislature back into Session. I have maintained for two years now that we should be meeting every single day until a balanced budget is achieved. The Governor’s proclamation demands the legislature stay in session until June 30, which is the end of this fiscal year.

Additionally, House Democrats and Speaker Madigan would do well to begin the hard work of compromise on issues relating to important economic reforms. Illinois needs the stability of a balanced budget and a more attractive jobs climate to ensure its long term financial viability. Time is running out to get this done. Speaker Madigan needs to compromise for the benefit of the citizens of Illinois.

Department of Natural Resources Working to Reopen Rend Lake Resort 

I was happy to stand with my colleagues from the House and Senate at a Wednesday press conference at Rend Lake Resort. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has announced a new request for proposal (RFP) to find new leadership at Rend Lake’s lodge and conference center.

Rep. Bryant addresses the media and assembled crowd alongside Senator Dale Fowler and
 State Rep. John Cavaletto

Rend Lake Resort and Conference Center is a valued tourist attraction in Southern Illinois.  This announcement marks a new beginning. I want to encourage folks to invest their time and money in to making these amazing attractions an economic engine for the region once again. 

You can learn more by following the news links below:

The Southern Illinoisan
Mt. Vernon Register-News 

Op Ed Pieces on Two Major Issues

As I mentioned above, I have included links this week to two opinion pieces I drafted in response to two major issues. Please click the links below to read more about the reason for my opposition to Senate Bill 1 and why I believe the Department on Aging is doing the right thing in implementing the Community Reinvestment Program to assist Senior Citizens in attaining a greater quality of life.]

SB 1 – Understanding the bill and why I voted NO!

Why Illinois Needs the Community Reinvestment Program

Solar Eclipse Update
The total solar eclipse will be seen in Illinois on August 21, 2017.  The “path of totality,” the ribbon of the Earth’s surface in which the sun will be completely blocked by the Moon, will pass over much of far southern Illinois.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to visit Illinois’ southern tip, which is expected to enjoy an especially long path of totality.  The area around Carbondale and Makanda, Illinois, will fall dark for more than 2 minutes and 40 seconds.  While the Land of Lincoln has seen eclipses before, including a dramatic annular eclipse in May 1994, this will be the first daylight moment in 148 years in which a section of Illinois will fall completely dark.

The eclipse will move from west to east as the earth spins on its axis.  Illinois county seats well within the line of totality will include Chester, Murphysboro, Vienna, and Golconda.  Another total solar eclipse will cross far southern Illinois in 2024.  

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