Bryant: House Dems Kick the Budget Can Further Down the Road

Springfield….State Rep Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) issued the following statement on the final day of the scheduled spring legislative Session.

“Instead of working with House Republicans and the Governor to pass a balanced budget, the House Democrats, led by Speaker Madigan skipped town without changing a thing,” Bryant said. “A budget bill wasn’t even put on the board for a vote in the House.”

Prior to the 2014 election, Democrats in Illinois enjoyed absolute control of state government for 12 years. During that time House Democrats passed unbalanced budget after unbalanced budget. In fact, the State of Illinois has not had a balanced budget for 15 years.

“Speaker Madigan and the Democrat majority have increased spending, raised taxes, skipped pension payments and used gimmicks and one-time revenues to pass unbalanced budgets,” Bryant said.

“On the workers’ compensation reform bill, the House Democrats fudged the numbers, ignored good advice from the business community and went it alone to accept a watered down bill from the Senate.

On the school funding reform, the House Democrats fudged the numbers, lied to school administrators, promised money that isn’t coming, and passed a change to the school funding formula that offers no funding source or appropriation to actually get the money out the door.

The people of Illinois deserve much better than they got from the House Democrats today.”
House members were advised that Session will continue into June, where any substantive legislation will require a super majority of 71 votes to pass.