Bryant: Illinois Nurses Association Contract Agreement Reached

Springfield….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) issued the following statement on Tuesday regarding ongoing negotiations with the Illinois Nurses Association:
“I was extremely disappointed and concerned when I learned of the planned layoffs of more than 120 Illinois correctional facility nurses. I was a chief co-sponsor of a bill that passed the House that would have rescinded the layoffs of the nurses that work in Illinois’ correctional facilities.

Shortly after that legislation passed, the Rauner Administration announced they would be willing to go back to the negotiating table and rescind the layoffs. Those were the first steps toward reaching a deal.

Many more meetings have taken place since then between the two sides.

I was pleased to learn on Tuesday that the Administration and the Illinois Nurses Association have now come to a contract agreement. I believe that the legislative action that was taken, in combination with my colleagues in the House urging both sides to come back together, played a major part in driving a final solution to this issue.”

Some of the details of the agreement include:

Step and COLA increases will be put on hold as INA and the Administration continue their negotiations on a master contract.

Effective July 1, overtime will only be paid after 40 hours of work, not 37.5.

The Department of Corrections will convert Graham, Dixon, Menard, Pontiac and Stateville facilities to be INA-only facilities. This will help to address the issue of differing work rules at mixed facilities for INA employees and Wexford employees.

A 12-hour work schedule pilot program to be implemented at both Vienna and East Moline Correctional Facilities.