Bryant E News May 6 2017

Dear Friend,

This week I have been busy touring flood zones and flood damage in Jackson County caused by recent rainfall. I have been so inspired by the resolve shown by the residents of Grand Tower, Wolf Lake and Murphysboro, who came together to fill and place sandbags to help strengthen levees along the Big Muddy and Mississippi Rivers and to protect property from potential flooding. Getting out there and seeing some of the same slides that I saw two and three years ago, and knowing the angst and the worry that the people who live there have to experience is indeed frustrating.

Surveying levee damage on the Big Muddy River Levee

To learn more about the potential for serious flooding in Grand Tower and the need for levee repairs, please follow this link to the WSIL News 3 story. I pledge to continue to draw attention to this critical issue with my fellow legislators and with our Congressional delegation. The time has long since past for these critical repairs to be made. Our citizens deserve it.

Celebrating International Firefighters Day
Yesterday marked International Firefighters Day. I am so thankful for the brave men and women of our fire service, who are willing to run in to the places where others are running out. They serve selflessly to protect us and we all owe them our gratitude.

I want to send a special Thank You to my son Tyler, who is a firefighter serving the Murphysboro-Pomona-Somerset Fire Department. Tyler and his fiance Elaina will be getting married in June.

Love you and am so proud of you son!

National Day of Prayer Keynote Speaker
It was truly an honor and privilege to be asked to offer the keynote speech at this year’s National Day of Prayer event in Murphysboro held on Thursday, May 4 at the Davis-McCann Center in Murphysboro. Thank you to all those in attendance and to the folks who helped organize and put on a truly moving and terrific event.

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