Bryant E News – Inauguration Week 2017

Dear Friend,

This week I had the privilege and honor to once again be sworn-in as your State Representative! I have included below some photos from the swearing-in ceremony and a link to a press release announcing my inauguration for a third-term in the Illinois House.

Last week marked the end of the 99th General Assembly. Before adjournment, many important measures were brought to the House for consideration. Votes were taken on a property tax freeze bill, a bipartisan criminal justice reform package, new requirements for testing drinking water for lead, and another attempt by House Democrats to pass an unbalanced, non-negotiated budget. I have put together a comprehensive wrap-up of last week’s legislative action below:

You can read my 99th General Assembly Wrap-up by clicking here!

100th General Assembly and Inauguration

The Inauguration of the 100th General Assembly 

A general tone of optimism and calls for bipartisan cooperation to solve the state’s two-year budget impasse marked the beginning of the 100th General Assembly. I swore an oath, along with 117 of my colleagues, to protect and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Illinois.

You can read the press release I issued on Inauguration here: “Bryant Sworn-in to 3rd Term in Illinois House”

As they say, ‘hope springs eternal’, so with the swearing-in of this new General Assembly, my hopes are high that we’ll pass a balanced budget along with pro-growth reforms.

We know that trying to tax-and-spend our way back to prosperity hasn’t worked, so I was encouraged this week by statements made by Democrat leaders in Springfield that seem to indicate support for reforms to grow the economy.

We must have stability and we have to act fast to save our state from descending further into the financial abyss.

Resolutions and Page for a Day!

If someone you know is celebrating a big accomplishment, a milestone birthday or anniversary, or if you are aware of a club, group, or sports team that deserves special recognition, please reach out to my office to explore the possibility of passing a congratulatory Resolution.
Also, I will once again be hosting students in Springfield during the upcoming Session to serve as a “Page for a Day”. Students will learn the ropes of working on the House floor, have their name announced during Session,and have their picture made as a token to remember their special day. To explore this opportunity, please contact my office at (618) 242-8115 or send me a message via my Contact Form
My office in Mt. Vernon is staffed Monday through Friday and my office in Murphysboro is staffed Monday through Thursday, each from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You can find me on Facebook to keep up with my travels throughout the district. You can email me directly at or send me a message through the Contact Form on my website at
Your opinions on important topics facing the State of Illinois are invaluable to me. Keep them coming!