Bryant Votes to Fund SIU, Community Colleges and MAP Grant Recipients

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) voted to provide financial support to the state’s higher education institutions and MAP grant recipients, in an early morning vote taken in the Illinois House on Friday.  Bryant noted a bipartisan agreement was reached after rank and file legislators worked together on the plan.

“We worked hard to identify a real funding source for this bill,” Bryant said. “The higher education crisis has gone on too long, so I am glad to be able to vote to support community colleges, and Southern Illinois University and the students that rely on MAP grants to continue their education.”

Bryant says an important part of the bill’s passage was the fact that it contained a specifically identified funding mechanism. This, she says, is different than many other spending plans that have passed through the House since the budget impasse began last July 1.

“The State of Illinois has been delinquent in providing funding for SIU, MAP grant recipients, and community colleges since July,” Bryant said. “With the passage of this bill SIU will see a one-time disbursement of $57 million. The bill contains nearly $170 million for MAP grant recipients to be able to attend school next fall as well.”

Bryant issued a special note of thanks to southern Illinois Democrat legislators Brandon Phelps and Jerry Costello II for their bipartisan leadership to reach the higher education funding compromise.

“I applaud the efforts of my southern Illinois House colleagues for reaching across the aisle to reach a deal on funding these critical higher education budget items,” Bryant said. “I look forward to participating in further bipartisan negotiations to solve our human services and Pre-K and K-12 public education funding.”

SB 2059 also passed the Illinois Senate on Friday morning. The bill now goes to Governor Rauner for his signature. The Governor has stated that he intends to sign the legislation.

To contact Rep. Bryant, please visit and follow the Contact link. You may also call her district office at (618) 242-8115 or email her at