Bryant E News April 17 2016

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This week I’m going to jump right to the issues. I’ve got news to report regarding my vote on SB 2046, Molly’s Law, and my petition drive to Stop a proposed per-mile tax on Illinois’ drivers.

Union Back Pay Issue and SB 2046 – Setting the record straight:

First, I have received a lot of feedback from constituents regarding my Present vote on SB 2046. I want to take this opportunity to clear the record on some misrepresentations that are being made on Facebook and in newspaper website comment sections.

As a former state employee, I am part of a group of state employees that are owed thousands of dollars in back pay from a previous contract deal signed in 2012 by then Governor Pat Quinn. Governor Quinn never got around to keeping his promises to public employee labor unions that year, and then he dumped the issue into his successor’s lap. It has always been my position that voting Yes for any legislation that contains back pay would violate the state ethics’ act. For that reason, I have consistently voted Present on any bill that contains these appropriations. SB 2046 is no different.

I believe that union employees are due their back pay. The state made them a promise, and the state should keep its promise, period. However, as your State Representative, I will not violate the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act by voting to give myself this money.

Knowing that some would eventually try to misrepresent my Present vote, I sought legal clarification on this matter so that my reasons for abstaining from voting on SB 2046 could be explained. I want to share with you a letter I obtained from legal counsel representing the Illinois House of Representatives’ prior to the vote on SB 2046.
The legal opinion I obtained says, without question, that if I were to vote to pay myself this money, that I would be in violation of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act. The statute noted by legal counsel is 5 ILCS 420/3-202. You may click here to see the full legal opinion. 

Excellent news this week out of the Illinois House, as the first part of a package of legislation nicknamed “Molly’s Law” received unanimous support. HB 6083, or Molly’s Law, changes the statute of limitations for from 2 to 5 years for families, loved ones, or other interested parties to file a wrongful death lawsuit. You can watch the video of my speech to introduce Molly’s Law by clicking the YouTube video below.

The Facebook group, Justice for Molly, is spearheaded by Mr. Larry Young, Molly’s Father. The group has more than 25,000 members and its influence has been instrumental in helping persuade the legislature to allow for these changes in the law. You can read more about the Justice for Molly movement by visiting their Facebook page, or going to

Read my news release on this issue here:

This week I began a petition drive to STOP the proposed Per-Mile driver tax! SB 3279 is sponsored by Chicago Democrat Senate President John Cullerton. The bill is an outrageous attempt to install tracking devices on our cars so the government can track how many miles we drive, and then TAX us Per-Mile! As Illinoisans, we pay a hefty motor fuel tax that is supposed to be used to pay to repair our roads. I oppose this tax vehemently! Please take a moment to sign the online petition by clicking here or on the picture above! 

The petition has blown up on Facebook – It has been shared almost 300 times and the online petition has already been signed over 500 times in less than 24 hours! You can help spread the message by sharing the Facebook post! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FACEBOOK POST

You can sign the online petition by CLICKING HERE!

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