Bryant Announces Petition Drive to Stop Per-Mile Tax On Drivers


Springfield….Multiple news reports this week reported that Illinois Senate President John Cullteron of Chicago has floated an idea to tax Illinois drivers for every mile that they drive. State Rep. Terri Bryant (R – Murphysboro), who represents a large, mostly rural district in southern Illinois announced today that she is heading up a petition drive to stop the planned tax increase on drivers.

“The idea that Illinois motorists would be forced to record every mile they drive to the government, or pay a flat fee to use the roads that they are already paying to maintain through the motor fuel tax is appalling to me,” Bryant said. “This is one of those, ‘where does it ever end’, type proposals that only a Chicago Democrat could dream up.”

Bryant has decided to take the fight against the per-mile tax plan beyond just statements. She is spearheading an effort to collect signatures from her constituents that oppose SB 3279.

“The Chicago Democrats are after every last dollar they can get to expand the size of government,” Bryant said. “We have to be vigilant to stop these intrusive actions that cost us money and sacrifice our freedom to travel our beautiful State, and to travel back and forth to work.”

Many people in Southern Illinois drive hundreds of miles per week just commuting back and forth to work. Bryant says her petition can be found on her website at

“Go to my website, and sign this petition to reject the per-mile tax,” Bryant urged. “Let’s send a message to the Chicago tax and spenders that we won’t allow them to put trackers on our car and pay even more money into a broken system.”