Part One of Molly’s Law Unanimously Passes House

Springfield…State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) received unanimous support from the Illinois House of Representatives today for legislation she says will extend the time families would have to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Bryant introduced HB 6083 or “Molly’s Law” back in February alongside supporters of the Justice for Molly movement. Bryant thanked her House colleagues and the supporters of Justice for Molly for their assistance.

Today’s unanimous passage of HB 6083 out of the House is another victory for the Young family and I want to thank Molly Young’s father, Mr. Larry Young, and the entire Justice for Molly movement for their support for this bill and for their efforts to lobby their own elected officials to ensure that this bill passed,” Bryant said. “To see the bill gain unanimous support from my House colleagues means that everyone sees how important this issue is to the Justice for Molly movement. I was proud to lend my name as the sponsor of this measure.”

HB 6083 extends the statute of limitations for wrongful death cases to 5 years, instead of 2 as is the current law. Bryant says this change is important for families that are trying to get their day in court.

“Investigations into incidents involving death caused by violent means can take a really long time,”
Bryant said. “One of the hurdles that the Youngs faced in trying to file their wrongful death lawsuit was that time simply ran out on them. This new limit of 5 years would have helped them have their day in court, and it will likely lead to another family that finds themselves in a similar situation have their day in court as well.”

An accompanying bill that is considered “part two” of Molly’s Law is HB 4715. The bill makes significant changes to the Freedom of Information Act and calls for stiff financial penalties to be imposed on units of government that fail to comply with court orders to release information through FOIA.

Part two of Molly’s Law will be heard in the House Judiciary Civil Law committee later this week.