Bryant E-News April 8, 2016

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This week was a busy one in Springfield, as the deadline to pass bills out of committee came and went. One of my major legislative initiatives gained momentum this week as the first part of “Molly’s Law” passed the House Judiciary Civil Law committee with unanimous support.

There were also several other important legislative items of note this week. Committee deadline week is one of the busiest weeks of the year in Springfield, and after a month long break, the House was finally back to work and bills on various topics have begun to move.

As always, your input on matters before the legislature is greatly appreciated. I continue to call every week for budget negotiations to continue. It is time for Speaker Madigan to return to the negotiating table with all parties to help craft a solution to the budget crisis.

Molly’s Law Clears First Legislative Hurdle

On Tuesday, an important milestone in the Justice for Molly movement was reached. I was proud to be joined in Springfield by Mr. Larry Young, father of Molly Young for testimony on HB 6083 before the House Judiciary Civil Law Committee.

Pictured here are Rep. Bryant alongside Larry Young, father
of Molly Young during a hearing of the House Judiciary
Civil Law Committee in Springfield this week.

The bill extends the amount of time that families or other interested parties would have to file wrongful death lawsuits in murder and manslaughter cases. The bill changes the current statute for filing lawsuits in these cases from the current 2 year time frame to 5 years after a wrongful death occurs.

You can read more about this week’s passage of HB 6083 from Committee by clicking here: 

The second part of Molly’s law deals with important changes to the Freedom of Information Act. Next week, I will present HB 4715, which expands fines and penalties on public institutions that refuse to comply with court orders to release requested documents. 

Appointment to House Veterans’ Affairs Committee
This week I was proud to announce that I have received a new Committee assignment in Springfield. I was appointed by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin to the House of Representatives’ Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

I am very proud to be a member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, where I can better serve the large number of veterans that reside within the 115th district. I look forward to working to improve conditions for veterans in the areas of health care and economic opportunity

Congratulating Farm Bureau on 100 Year Anniversary

I was proud to be a chief co sponsor of HR 962 this week that celebrates the 100 Year Anniversary of the Illinois Farm Bureau. The Farm Bureau is an invaluable resource for farmers and for those interested in increasing their knowledge about agriculture.

The Farm Bureau provides financial planning assistance for farmers, publishes FarmWeek Magazine, and has recently come out in favor of a proposal that I am sponsoring to create a private foundation to help fund necessary repairs at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.

You can read the State Fair Foundation bill, HB 4990 by clicking HERE

Congratulations to the Illinois Farm Bureau on 100 years in service to the agriculture industry in Illinois!

Legislative Week in Review

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