Bryant: Politics as Usual Stifling Progress in Springfield

Springfield….On Wednesday, the House of Representatives failed to override the veto of an unbalanced and unfunded MAP grants and Community Colleges bill. On Thursday, State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) again rejected an attempt by majority Democrats that would have added billions more in debt to Illinois’ already crushing financial burden. Bryant explained that she has voted consistently to protect Illinois taxpayers and fund critical services with real dollars throughout her time in office. 

When SB 2043 came to the House the first time, I voted ‘No’,” Bryant said. “When the veto override motion on SB 2043 came to the House, I voted ‘No’, as well. Today, I voted ‘No” on HB 2990 today. All of these bills are highly irresponsible and disingenuous. The bills are not paid for, they add billions in debt to our backlog of bills and budget deficit, and they were all driven by petty partisan politics ahead of a Primary election.”

Bryant then pointed to several pieces of legislation that she has offered to drive the adoption of a balanced budget, and provide critical funding for human services, higher education, and school construction.

“I am a chief sponsor of HB 4539, a bill that would provide adequate funding for higher education and MAP grants,” Bryant said. “Unfortunately my bill has never seen the light of day due to petty partisan politics. I was not elected to be another rubber stamp for Mike Madigan and I will not vote to increase our debt and make promises that will never come true.”

When a delay in state funding for school construction projects threatened schools in her district, Bryant again took the lead to solve the problem. 

“I introduced HB 4232 that would allow for the release of school construction grant funding that is being held up by the budget impasse,” Bryant said. “The attention I got for that bill led to the release of $26 million for Mt. Vernon Township High School.”

Bryant has also introduced legislation to drive politicians in Springfield to pass a balanced budget. HB 4399 provides that Constitutional and legislative officers would go without paychecks if they fail to pass a balanced budget. 

“Once again, I’m disappointed, but not surprised, to say that Speaker Madigan has kept HB 4399 out of the light of day,” Bryant said. “I’m taking action. I’m working to balance our budget and get funding to critical items. It is time for the Democrats that control the House and Senate to get on board and compromise with my plan.”