Bryant: Budget Fix Requires Compromise, Action from Democrats

Springfield….Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his second Budget Address to the General Assembly on Wednesday. State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) believes the Governor sent a clear signal he is ready to work across party lines to balance the state budget.

“The Governor detailed the very dangerous financial consequences of ignoring the State’s most pressing issues, and clearly expressed to the majority party his willingness to negotiate towards a balanced budget,” Bryant said. “Since I’ve been in office, the Democrats have not shown a willingness to compromise on a budget that is balanced. I think it is clear the Governor has been and continues to be willing to strike a deal.”

Bryant says she is hopeful that House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton are willing to put aside election-year politics and make the citizens that rely on state services and the taxpayers that fund them a priority.

“The State of Illinois has been digging this financial hole for more than a decade,” Bryant said. “The Governor rightly pointed out that Illinois has seen massive outward migration of jobs and population that has crushed our tax base. There are realities that have to be faced here, and raising taxes alone will not fix our problem. He illustrated that we are worse off financially now than before the ‘temporary’ income tax was even implemented. Reforms to the way our State approaches job creation and the management of our tax dollars are necessary if we want to improve our financial condition.”

Bryant says she hopes the financial choices laid out by the Governor today will strike a nerve with rank and file Democrats in the legislature and spark an honest conversation about Illinois’ budget situation.