Bryant E-News February 3, 2016

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Last week was a busy one in the Illinois House. The Governor offered his annual State of the State Address to a Joint Session of the Illinois House and Senate.

He mentioned several critical items of note and called upon the legislature to work together in a more productive way. We also debated and voted on a bill that purports to be a funding bill for MAP grants and for some adult education programs.

State of the State Address
In his annual State of the State Address, Governor Rauner reminded Illinoisans that despite the fact that significant challenges remain, progress on some important areas of reform has been made since he took office just over a year ago.

He noted that more children are moving from state-sponsored facilities to foster homes and that our system of tax credits for businesses has been changed to reward job creation. I was pleased to hear the Governor mention that he will renew his efforts to push reforms to the workers’ compensation program, term limits to stop career politicians and a fair process for drawing legislative maps.

To read more on my reaction to the Governor’s State of the State Address Click Here. More news on my reaction is here.

MAP Grant and Community College and Adult Education Funding
An early Thursday morning session of the Illinois House of Representatives put on display some really shameful political posturing by the House Democrats on MAP grant funding.

The students that rely on the MAP grant program were used as pawns in Mike Madigan’s political game. I voted no on SB 2043 because the spending plan lacks a funding mechanism.

The bill was wholly inadequate in its scope as well. Though they sold the bill as a higher education funding bill, SB 2043 included Zero dollars for Southern Illinois University. I cannot support a funding bill that leaves out Southern Illinois’ flagship University.

I have a plan to fund MAP grants, Community Colleges and public Universities in Illinois. To read more about my plan to fund these critical higher education items, Click Here. You can watch my speech on the House Floor on this issue here:

WJPF Radio Interview

When I got home from Springfield last week, I was pleased to speak with Newsradio WJPF’s Tom Miller about the MAP grant issue and about the budget and upcoming elections. Thanks, Tom for the interview. You can listen by Clicking Here!
Union County Chamber Gala
Congratulations to my friends in Union County on a fantastic Chamber of Commerce Gala.

See more pictures of the event by reading the Union County Chamber’s Monthly Newsletter Here

I was glad to be joined by former Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bruce Wallace as well as some students that are aspiring entrepreneurs. Always great to see young people with so much ambition and drive!

Thank you to the Chamber for a wonderful event and to the emcees Mollie Lair & Laura Wibbenmeyer of KFVS Channel 12. I can’t wait to return next year!

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