Bryant Says Dems Playing Games with MAP Grants and University Funding

Springfield….An early Thursday morning session of the Illinois House of Representatives left State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) shaking her head at what she calls shameful political posturing and gotcha politics in regard to MAP grant funding. 

“The students that rely on the MAP grant program were used as pawns in a shameful political game today,” Bryant said.

 “I voted no on SB 2043 today because the spending plan lacks a funding mechanism. The bill was wholly inadequate in its scope as well.”

In response to the higher education funding crisis, Rep. Bryant signed on this week to sponsor a bill that provides adequate funding for Universities, community colleges, and MAP grants. Bryant expressed disappointment in the Democrats in the House for ignoring the Republican bill, which has a funding mechanism, over their own bill that spends money without providing a revenue stream.

“The bill I am sponsoring would provide funding for colleges and Universities as well as MAP grants without raising taxes. It is profoundly disingenuous for the Democrats in the House to promise students MAP grant money when they know the Governor will veto this plan. Their plan spends more money than we have and offers no way to pay for it.”

Rep. Bryant explains her position on the MAP grant
 bill on Thursday. 

The Governor’s office of Management and Budget said that the plan passed by House Democrats today would add $721 million to the deficit, increase the state’s bill backlog, and delay state payments to providers, vendors and contractors.

With a veto looming, Bryant says she believes the vote was taken on MAP grant and community college funding today to play political games.

“As a result of today’s action, students that rely on MAP grants are no closer to receiving their funding than they were before the vote was taken,” Bryant said. “Today’s partisan action on MAP grant and community college funding was purely political and that’s a shame.”